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Not worth the spend

I ordered the LFC Christmas pajamas in an effort to offer support to the greatest team in the World for Christmas, but also to support the best LFC shop in the world too; Anfield Shop. Unfortunately, the pajamas are AWFUL quality, and I would never recommend them to another consumer. To start, after washing the pajamas together on a gentle, cold cycle (I am particular with colors and new clothes in the washing machine), my son’s pajama top was wound in the stitching. I didn’t think much of it except I was forced to unwind the shirt from all of the stitching. After hang drying all of the outfits, my wife and I no longer had adult size long-sleeved pajamas, they were now youth sized. We carried on through Christmas with the pajamas on (my wife and I could not raise our arms above our head unless we wanted to reveal our midsection), by 1:00, I noticed my son’s pajama top had become completely unstitched. I took as many pictures of the fiasco pajamas as possible. I will try to attach for proof.
I will be clear, this is the first, and ONLY time I have been disappointed with something I have purchased from the Anfield Shop. I realize this is not their problem, but the pajamas are not something I will ever purchase again or recommend to anyone. I will stick to hats, jerseys, jackets, just about everything else offered, etc.

Comfy but not sized like it said

They were very comfortable. Didn’t find the sizing that different from American sizing but the shirt was to short for my liking.

Cute pajamas, but they shrink!

The top is a little short to begin with, but after washing it was much shorter. The pants shrink in length as well. The Men’s and children’s set shrank, too.

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fast shipping to Canada

I got this for my husband for Christmas. He's a HUGE Klopp fan, so Klopp #1 was his gift! He couldn't wipe the smile off his face. The quality of the jersey is very good, and the shipping was surprisingly quick to Canada (although there was a glitch with the delivery this wasn't Anfield's fault and it all worked out fine). The staff was easy to reach and helpful!

Cute but didn't last a month

I got these socks for Christmas. They are cute and warm. However, after three weeks the heels are already worn down. The heels are white (not red anymore) and have holes. The quality is not good, I expected them to last more than a month!

Great Marl Zip Hoody

This was a Christmas Gift for my son, in his 40's, who is a Big Liverpool Fan and writes blogs for them. He loves the "Zip Hoody" and just about every time I have seen him since Christmas he is wearing it,

Jesse's presents.

He liked the fit and the logo style.

I love the simplicity of the design. It is by far my favorite of the EPL champion shirts. However, I am not a fan of the fit. My normal size fit far too small- too small for me to even overlook it- and the next size up is just a strange oversized feel. If it fit like the other Anfield Shop shirts, this would easily be a 5 star. I do wish there was a better way for exchanges to be made to avoid the re-order process, but I appreciate the communication as always with Anfield Shop.