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Welcome to The Anfield Shop Fantasy Football page. Here you will find everything LFC fantasy football along with current news, award winners, and our Top 10 table.

TOP 10

LAST UPDATED: Sep 22, 21 12:00 AM

Team Name Manager Game Week Points
YNWA F.C. Ankur Khemani 64 401
UptheReds David Carney 73 399
Anfield Legends Nikk Kadbet 81 394
The Mighty Reds Philipp Bonkat 66 390
Terrible squad Zecharias Mengis 68 389
Green Mountain Boys Ben Chioffi 67 387
Harvey's P Beard Stuart Brennan 60 386
Str8pluggin Mike Kochen 71 384
Lowenpool Damon Lowenberger 60 381
Jurgie Burgs Joshua Marschke 80 377


LAST UPDATED: 2021-09-22 02:00 PM

King Klopp

Hard-Working Hendo

Monthly Mo

Alisson Wonderland

Mo Mane, Mo Problems

Best Fantasy Name

Social Superstar

Trophy Winner: Team/Name - Manager
King Klopp *Award for the League Winner (End of season)
Hard-Working Hendo *Award for most points in a single game-week (End of season)
Monthly Mo (Sept) YNWA FC - Ankur Khemani
Alisson Wonderland *Top of the Table on Christmas Day
Mo Mané, Mo Problems *Hatrick with Mané as your captain. (3 goals from Mané)
Best Fantasy Name *Award for our favorite Fantasy Name (Announced Jan 01)
Social Sadio-Superstar *Who's getting engaged and involved with us on social?!