We'll Be At Fan Fest Philadelphia!

by Matthew Taylor

Hey Reds! As you may have seen advertised across NBC Sports over the past few weeks, the Premier League Mornings Live Fan Fest is heading to Philadelphia this weekend. James and I will be attending the event to represent Anfield Shop!

We are excited to get down there and meet all of you Reds! If you see us, be sure to say hello and grab a selfie! We just MIGHT have some boss prizes with us! 😉

We will also be stopping by The Official Liverpool Supporters Club Philadelphia to meet the amazing people there! For you Reds who will be in the area, we recommend doing the same, so you can get a feel for the atmosphere at a local OLSC!

It's a massive game for Liverpool, as they play Man City, and we hope to have a massive celebration on Sunday with the Reds in Philly!

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