January 2021 Staff Picks

by Alisha Weiss

Well, Well, Well - what do we have here? A double draw against United? Bring. It. On.  To make sure everyone is sorted we tallied our favorites here in the shop and present our January 2021 Top 5 Staff Picks.  

We’re all hands on deck to make sure all fans are sorted and have their gear for these upcoming fixtures.  Almost all orders are shipping within 24 hours and any questions feel free to give us a ring or send Allison an email at support@anfieldshop.com.


LFC Signal Hoodie
Our flagship. Our standard. Our favorite. The red signal hoodie.


LFC Red & Black Ballcap
If you're like us and need a little bit of help containing your pandemic-era hairstyle, you can't go wrong with this classic black "Dad Hat" from '47.


LFC Champions License Plate Frame
If the only time you’re in the car these days it go pick up take-out from your local make sure everyone knows you drive the car of champions.


LFC Sherpa Hat
You ever hear of the rally cap? Meet our January 2021 version.


This Is Anfield Jumbo Mug
Depending on where you call home, these matches might broadcast a bit on the early side.  Make sure that you’ve got a full 16 oz of your beverage of choice for those early mornings.  

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