The 5th Annual Anfield Shop Pumpkin Competition

by Matthew Taylor

Hey Reds! October only means one thing! That's right, a packed Liverpool FC game schedule! Oh, and Halloween I suppose. That also means the return of the Anfield Shop pumpkin competition! This will be the 5th year that we have run this spooky competition, and we've had some brilliant entries sent to us over those years!

To get involved, go out and pick that perfectly shaped pumpkin! Then showcase your artistic abilities by creating an LFC-inspired masterpiece. An Anfield Shop-themed pumpkin will definitely earn you big brownie points! You can choose whatever method you'd like to create your masterpiece. Paint, carve, or even engrave if you wish!

To enter our competition, send your finished pumpkin to any of our social channels. You'll then be in for a chance to win a boss item from our shop! 👀

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