#RedTogether Campaign

by Derek Crawley

Anfield Shop is proud to present the #RedTogether campaign and we want YOU to get involved! We are hoping to create a video featuring Reds from across North America demonstrating that although we are alone, we are alone together. Want to take part? Here’s how:

  1. Take a selfie video of you “getting passed” your favorite LFC shirt from another Red on the RIGHT side of the camera
  2. Show your shirt to the camera, and then “pass it on” to the next Red on your the LEFT side
  3. Shirts should be “passed to you” OFF screen and be “passed on” OFF screen. Please grab and pass your shirt in the towards the centre of the screen.
  4. Videos should be around 5-8 second long.
  5. Submit your video here: https://bit.ly/2xQHtRS

Below is a demo video for reference from Anfield Shop James. When we have all entries, the video will show Reds passing their favorite shirts to one another.

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