Matt's By The Numbers Report: Crystal Palace

by Alisha Weiss

Hey Reds! After a disappointing opening day tie at Fulham, LFC will look to earn their first win of the Premier League season on Monday against Crystal Palace. This will be the first 22/23 league game at Anfield, so it is sure to be a bustling night in Liverpool! Let's take a look at some of the key numbers heading into game week two of the Premier League👇

1 - Darwin scored his 1st PL goal for LFC on his league debut! 💪

5 - Harvey Elliott has signed a 5 year extension with LFC. 👏

6 - Mo Salah is the first player to score in 6 successive opening PL games! 🤯👑

9-0 - Liverpool has won the last three games at home against Palace without conceding a goal, with an aggregate score of 9-0!

11 - The Reds have won the last 11 games against Crystal Palace, all of them in the Premier League! 👀

19 - Liverpool went unbeaten at home in the last Premier League campaign. That's 19 games unbeaten! 😲

50 - Thiago made his 50th Premier League appearance against Fulham. 🪄

200 - James Milner made his 200th Premier League appearance for the Reds. Mr. Consistent!


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