Liverpool FC 2022/23 Away Jersey Sale

by Matthew Taylor

Hey Reds! Liverpool FC just reached the halfway stage of this Premier League season, and to celebrate, the Anfield Shop is running a sale of the new LFC Away jersey! There's an opportunity to grab yourself up to 33% off right now!

Liverpool's 2022/23 Away jersey's dizzying new design is inspired by the city's vibrant music scene and in particular, the pioneering role it played in the '90s dance music scene. The slogan behind the jersey, "playing to its own beat," pays homage to the historic music scene of Liverpool, while also highlighting the unique identity of the Reds! Grab yourself this beautiful away jersey at an incredible price for a limited time!

 As the Official Liverpool FC Retail Partner in North America, we are the number one spot for all things Liverpool! Be sure to continue to check the shop for the latest new releases, as well as one-of-a-kind sales that are dropping throughout the year! 

Shop our LFC Away sale here!


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