What Is Boxing Day?

by Matthew Taylor

Hey Reds! Christmas Day and its origin are well-known globally, but Boxing Day is a much lesser-known holiday around the world. From my own experience, many North Americans are unfamiliar with Boxing Day and its meaning. I personally relate it to a full day of soccer, but there are many origins behind the holiday.

This holiday is celebrated by many of the past and present Commonwealth of Nations. This holiday is celebrated after Christmas Day, usually on the 26th in most countries. Although there is not one specific known origin of Boxing Day, there are many theories behind the holiday.

One theory of the origin of Boxing Day comes from poor or Christmas boxes collecting donations for the poor. These boxes could be found in most churches and were often the most significant source of donations for those in need.

Another theory comes from the custom of the people giving service workers or their workers Christmas gifts or bonuses the first working day after Christmas. These were often in the form of Christmas boxes. These boxes were often a form of appreciation that was given as thanks for the good work done throughout the year.

In many countries, Boxing Day has turned into a shopping day where massive sales are offered to the public. This holiday has often been compared to Black Friday in America. I remember the excitement of knowing I'll get the best bang for my buck (Euro) when I went shopping on Boxing Day with my Christmas gift money. 

Last, and my personal favorite, Boxing Day is a day full of soccer! Premier League soccer to be more specific. This modern tradition allows soccer fans to watch all ten Premier League games on the same day. What could be better? Although some games will be postponed, I'm still looking forward to claiming my favorite spot on the couch and watching the best league in the world!

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