Matt's Top 5 In-store Liverpool FC Retro Items

by Matthew Taylor

Hey Reds, Matt here from The Anfield Shop. Liverpool FC has one of the richest histories in the football world, as a result of this, there have been plenty of iconic kits. I wanted to take you through my top 5 Liverpool FC Retro items in-store and tell you a little more about why they stand out to me. Trust me when I tell you just how hard it was to pick just five items!

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5 - Liverpool FC Retro Candy Home Shirt:

Although this kit was first worn six years before I came into this life, 1989, it has made it into my top 5 solely based on its looks. This retro jersey, which is commonly known as “the candy shirt,” for obvious reason, is sure to get you a load of comments. 


4 - Liverpool FC 1982 Retro Home Shirt:

This retro jersey is as iconic as the legends who wore it. Not only does this jersey look boss, but it also has a history of huge success. King Kenny, Rush, and Souness led the reds to the League Cup and League double in this retro.


3 - Liverpool FC Retro 2002-2003 Away Jersey:

A clean black retro with the iconic Carlsberg sponsor, what could be better? Maybe the fact this jersey comes from the same year we beat United in the League Cup Final. Love it!


2 - Liverpool FC Unisex Special-Edition Shankly Jacket:

Although it’s not a jersey, this jacket is definitely my favorite retro item we have in terms of how it looks. The black-out colorway is incredibly clean, and the tribute to Bill Shankly just makes it perfect!


1 - Liverpool FC 2005 Retro Istanbul Shirt:

I think I would be locked up if this jersey wasn’t at the top of my list. Perhaps the most iconic jersey, from undoubtedly the biggest moment in LFC’s history. Stevie G led the greatest comeback in football history in this, a must-have for any red’s fan!

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