The 4th Annual Anfield Shop Pumpkin Carving Competition

by Matthew Taylor

Halloween is fast approaching, which means one thing! No, not candy, The Anfield Shop pumpkin competition of course! 🎃 This will be the fourth year of this spooky tradition.

Get involved by picking up a pumpkin and showcasing your artistic abilities by creating a LFC-inspired masterpiece. The best part, the chosen winner gets the new Liverpool 21/22 Home Jersey! For inspiration, I’ll take you through my top 3 pumpkins from previous years. 

 - The first pumpkin entry comes from 2019, created by LFCMT (Murfreesboro, Tennessee). It instantly brings me back to one of the greatest nights of my life. The night the reds did the impossible against Barcelona. We all know the moment I’m talking about. Four words, CORNER TAKEN QUICKLY! ORIGI!



- I know what you’re thinking, “Matt, you’re only putting this entry on the list because it was created by Anfield Shop James!” This might have had a bit of an influence, but there is no denying the world-class level of talent it took to create such a masterpiece! And there was definitely no help by a machine in creating this…



- The last pumpkin on my list comes from Craig Mck. This is the level of carving that I can only dream of achieving. The detail on the Liver bird is incredible and pair that with the clean L.F.C and it becomes a perfect pumpkin!

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