The Surprising Personalities of LFC Managers: 6 Fun Facts You Never Knew

by Josh Weiss

When it comes to dominating the football pitch, a skillful manager is the secret weapon.

Managers are like magical fairy godmothers of football who can transform a ragtag team into unstoppable champions with just one wave of their hand (or in this case, their tactical decisions).

Liverpool FC has certainly been lucky to have some real heavyweights who’ve steered the club to its success.

We only catch a glimpse of them on the sidelines during games, enthusiastically gesturing to the players and erupting in celebration when a goal is scored. But their influence extends far beyond the confines of the pitch.

Today, we’ll unveil the hidden side of LFC managers that players and team members interact with in the locker rooms.

Get ready to be surprised as we reveal fascinating stories about your favorite Liverpool FC managers’ personalities, including:

  • Insights into their leadership styles
  • LFC managers’ fun facts and quotes that showcase their unique quirks and wit
  • Inspirational tales of their impact on the team and club

Fun Fact: Liverpool FC's anthem "You'll Never Walk Alone" began on Broadway as part of the Rogers and Hammerstein Show

1 - Bill Shankly: The Quick-Witted Manager

Bill Shankly Liverpool manager statue

“Football’s not a matter of life or death … it’s more important than that.” - Bill Shankly

Shanks, as he’s fondly referred to as by Liverpool FC supporters, is remembered as the manager who transformed the club.

He helped Liverpool FC move from Second Division to First Division (now known as the Premier League). During his tenure, the Reds also won three League Championships and the UEFA Cup.

Beyond his impressive achievements on the football field, Shanks was known for his quick wit and sharp sense of humor. One particular anecdote that stands out is when journalist Patrick Barclay asked Shankly about his opinion on LFC player Ian Callaghan.

According to Barclay, there was a moment of hesitation before Shankly replied with a resounding "Jesus Christ!", which caught the journalist off guard and made him think he had offended the manager.

Shanks, however, quickly clarified his statement, explaining that he was using the name of the Messiah to describe Callaghan's greatness as a person.

In Shankly's eyes, Ian Callaghan was not only a phenomenal football player but also a remarkable human being who set an example for everyone around him.

The way he turned the conversation around from a potentially awkward moment to a lighthearted and humorous one is a testament to his wit and quick thinking.

This is just one example of the many witty remarks and clever quips that Shankly was known for.

He had a way with words that would evoke laughter, contemplation, and admiration simultaneously. It's no wonder that he is still remembered as one of the greatest football personalities of all time, both on and off the pitch.

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2 - Bob Paisley: The Thoughtful Sage

Bob Paisley Liverpool manager figure

Bob Paisley, the Liverpool FC legendary manager, embodied a demeanor that can be best described as "calm authority."

"Ranting and raving get you nowhere in football. If you want to be heard, speak quietly," - Bob Paisley

He was a quiet and unassuming man, who led Liverpool to incredible success during his nine years as manager.

Under Paisley's leadership, Liverpool won six league titles, three European Cups, one UEFA Cup, and three League Cups. He was a brilliant strategist who brought out the best in his players.

Paisley also had a genuine interest in people. As Alan Kennedy, one of his former players, recalls, "He didn't just chat to the tea ladies and the kit washing women, he knew their first names and wanted to know them better."

This reveals his humility and willingness to connect with everyone involved in the club, regardless of their role. His genuine care for individuals, both on and off the pitch, reflected his understanding that a strong team is built on relationships and a sense of belonging.

Above all, Paisley's managerial style allowed his accomplishments to speak for themselves. Rather than seeking personal acclaim, he preferred to let the success of his team be the testament to his skillful guidance.

"I can let the team do the talking for me."

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3 - King Kenny: The Humble Genius

Kenny Dalglish manager

“What do I say to them in the dressing room? Nothing really. Most of the time I don't even know what they are going to do myself.”

Kenny Dalglish is undoubtedly one of the greatest Liverpool FC players and managers of all time.

He first joined the club in 1977 as a player and quickly established himself as a key member of the team, scoring 31 goals during the 77–78 season.

After Joe Fagan’s resignation in 1985, Kenny took over as the first player-manager in Liverpool FC's history. The Scottish tactical genius led the Reds to win the Champions League in 1986, making him the first player-manager to lift the trophy.

But there’s more! In the six years King Kenny managed the Reds, the club won three league championships and two FA cups. He was also honored as “Manager of the Year” in 1986, 1988, and 1990.

Despite his remarkable achievements, Kenny Dalglish remained humble throughout his career.

As a player-manager, he faced the daunting task of leading a team both on and off the pitch, a responsibility that required immense skill and adaptability. However, Kenny's humility shone through in his approach to his role.

Kenny expressed his self-awareness and humility by stating,

"I would be the first to realize if I wasn't good enough, and then I would confront it."

This showcased his unwavering honesty and willingness to confront any limitations he might have as a coach. It demonstrated his deep understanding that success was not solely dependent on his abilities, but also on the collective efforts of the team.

The remark also proved to be somewhat prophetic. In 1991, after six years of managing Liverpool, Kenny made the difficult decision to resign from his position.

In Kenny’s words,”…I needed a break, I was unwell and under strain. I started having doubts about myself and my ability to make decisions. In the past, I would just make the decision, usually more right than wrong, and move on without thinking. Now I agonize over anything."

His ability to recognize his own limitations and prioritize his well-being highlighted his humility and self-awareness as a coach.

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Did You Know: Liverpool FC has won a total of 422 games in history.

4 - Gerard Houllier: Multilingual Mastermind and Father Figure

You might think that the Frenchman who led Liverpool to an unprecedented treble in 2000-01 would have struggled with English, but that's not true.

Houllier's command of English was quite remarkable. He effortlessly articulated his thoughts, never struggling to find the right words. His fluency in English can be attributed to his degree in English from Lille University and his background as a teacher.

Houllier was also known for his workaholic nature, often dedicating himself to 16-hour workdays. He placed great emphasis on discipline and focus, upholding stringent standards within the team.

After Liverpool beat Arsenal in the FA Cup final during the 2000-01 season, Houllier restricted their celebrations since the Reds had the UEFA Cup final the following Wednesday. He only allowed them one glass of champagne, and that was it.

Despite his tough exterior, Houllier genuinely cared about his players. As Phil Thompson, his assistant manager at LFC recalled, Houllier understood the importance of team spirit and togetherness.

He believed that the finals in Cardiff were not just a culmination of a season's hard work, but a collective celebration of the entire team's efforts.

As such, he insisted that everyone, including the young players who only played in the preliminary rounds, attend the finals in Cardiff. He also had a great nature and was always willing to listen and offer advice to his players.

It's always impressive to see someone who can balance discipline and focus with compassion and empathy. It's not an easy feat, but it seems like Houllier was able to do it with ease.

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5 - Rafael Benitez: The Chess Master

Rafael Benitez

As a Liverpool FC fan, you probably remember Rafael Benitez as the manager who led the team to the iconic 2005 Champions League win. But did you know that he’s also an avid chess player?

Rafa developed an interest in chess during his school days when the weather prevented outdoor football matches.

On those rainy days, he would seek out a partner and engage in a game of chess, exploring the strategic depths of the board as an alternative to the usual football activities.

As Benitez transitioned into his role as a football manager, he began to recognize the striking parallels between football and chess.

The two disciplines shared a common thread in the requirement for strategic thinking and a keen awareness of the opposition's moves. In football, just as in chess, Benitez understood that success hinged on careful planning, foresight, and adaptability.

He strategically devised game plans, formations, and tactics, aiming to exploit vulnerabilities and capitalize on opportunities.

This unique perspective enabled him to forge a distinguished managerial career at Anfield. He led the club to win the 2005 Champions League and European Super Cup, as well as the 2006 FA Cup.

As Rafa once said, “To work hard and have our supporters behind us believing until the end, you run a little bit more.”

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6 - Jurgen Klopp: The Charismatic Leader

Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp is one of the most charismatic and passionate managers in football. His infectious energy has helped to galvanize Liverpool both on and off the pitch.

His ability to connect with fans is quite impressive, and he has become a beloved figure at Anfield. His charm and sense of humor have endeared him to supporters, and his post-match interviews are always entertaining.

"If I knew Alisson was this good, I would have paid double."- Klopp’s comment on Alisson Becker’s last-minute save in a game against Napoli in December 2018.

On the sidelines, Klopp is a ball of energy, often seen pumping his fists, shouting instructions, and celebrating wildly when his team scores a goal.

In January 2016, Klopp encountered an amusing mishap while rejoicing over Adam Lallana's decisive goal in a remarkable 5–4 triumph against Norwich City. While celebrating the goal, he accidentally broke his glasses.

During an interview shortly after the match, Klopp humorously remarked, "I have a second pair of glasses, but I can't seem to find them. It's really difficult to find glasses when you don't have glasses!"

He also has a way of connecting with his players that goes beyond just football tactics, inspiring them to play their best and work together as a team.

During his inaugural interview as the Liverpool FC manager, Jurgen Klopp delivered an impassioned and inspiring speech that resonated deeply with fans and players alike. In a powerful declaration, he stated,

"You have to change from a doubter to a believer."

And we believe. Under his guidance, Liverpool has won:

  • UEFA Super Cup: 2019
  • FIFA Club World Cup: 2019
  • UEFA Champions League: 2018–19
  • Premier League: 2020
  • FA Cup: 2021–22
  • EFL Cup: 2021–22

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