From the Pitch to the Street: A Look at the Shoe Game of Famous Liverpool Players

by Josh Weiss

“Unimaginable zenith! Scarcely digestible! Barely conceivable!”

Peter Drury’s recent commentary on Liverpool’s Anfield game energetically captured the sensational seven-nill thrashing of Manchester United.

It was one of those magical moments that went down in history as the “Return of Liverpool as we know them,” and the worst defeat ever for their rivals.

Silently supporting this and other historic nights was a wonderful assembly of top-class shoes, from Konate’s pass-centric Nike Phantom GT to Nunez’s springy Zoom Air Mercurial.

We’ll be looking at these and other stylish kicks from five famous Liverpool players, highlighting their unique features and advantages. As we delve into each shoe, you’ll also learn:

  • The various shoes Liverpool players wear off the pitch
  • Why the Phantom GT is Nike’s most data-driven shoe
  • Why the Nike Zoom Air features airbags within its soleplates
  • The best place to find official Liverpool gear

1. Virgil Van Dijk’s Style-Bending Nike Tiempo Legend 9

Athleticism and physicality are just some of the qualities within Virgil’s diverse wheelhouse.

And both attributes were on full display against Barcelona on the dramatic night of the 4–0 Champions League comeback. Play after play met tackle after tackle to leave the weary Barcelona side without a single goal on the night. A standout performance from Virgil.

To perform consistently at this level, Virgil laces up an interesting pair of Nike Tiempo Legend 9s that are designed to give him a boost for both attacking and defending roles.

The Tiempo 9 features tough yet light K-leather, giving it a mix of speed and toughness that’s perfect for attacking defenders such as Virgil.

The extra speed helps him keep up with and neutralize rapid counter-attacks at the back, and the boost in toughness shields his feet from the opponents’ studs during those packed set-piece battles.

Virgil keeps his shoe game exciting with a blend of colors including a black-on-bronze print and an all-black shade with a golden Nike Swoosh. This look pairs nicely with his iconic Liverpool Home Jersey by adding contrast to the dominant red scheme.

Virgil’s Liverpool Home Jersey

Off the pitch, Virgil keeps his shoe game stylish with a gorgeous pair of Nike Air Max 270s.

You’re immediately drawn to the fine mesh prints running laterally over the toe box and shoe sides. Their presence provides a refreshing contrast to the overall knit fabric of the Air 270, adding depth and dynamism to the look.

Then there’s the color—a cool black shade that pairs naturally with any style and becomes even more stunning with the white highlights of Nike’s iconic Swoosh on each side.

2. Ibrahima Konaté’s Precision Pass Nike Phantom GT

Ibrahima Konate’s press is a breathtaking spectacle.

He adopts a very aggressive and decisive approach that takes advantage of his explosive pace, size, and immense strength to push the attacker off the ball.

Rarely does the opponent stand a chance.

But the best part of his play comes after the dispossessing, and that’s the setup. Konate will slot it brilliantly past the opposite-end defenders in a key pass that sparks an immediate counter for the Liverpool front three.

In these moments, Konate chooses the Nike Phantom GT that’s built for that precision pass.

According to Nike, the Phantom GT is one of their most data-driven boots to date. They are the result of hours of analyzing the various angles and intensities of contact between the ball and foot.

This involved pressure maps and lots of data on how the ball comes into and out of contact with the shoes, which resulted in the grippy generative texture on the Phantom GT uppers.

The texture is finely tuned to avoid being excessively grippy and molded right onto the Phantom GT’s Flyknit upper fabric so the shoes retain a soft and pliable feel.

Off the pitch, Konate brings his shoe game on with the stylish high-cut Nike Air Jordan 1.

It’s a timeless pair that’s been around since the ‘80’s as the first signature Jordan shoe by designer Peter Moore. It features bold colors on its supple leather uppers and displays the iconic Air Jordan wings and a large Nike Swoosh on both sides.

If you love Konate’s Nike Air Jordan 1 style then you’re going to love how they pair nicely with the LFC Track Pants from our Athleisure range.

The high-top design of the Nike Air Jordan bonds perfectly with the comfortable knit styling of the LFC Track Pants.

Together they create that sporty-casual look that’s always in season and on the left thigh of the tracks pants, the Liverbird logo proudly displays your love for the Reds.

LFC Track Pants

3. Andy Robertson’s Pass-Centric Nike Phantom GX Pro

The modern full-back doubles as a wide attacker, joining forward runs from the side to drive play and deliver crosses when in possession.

This is an attacking role Andy Robertson is well-suited for with his penetrative runs and sensational one-on-one duels before the crosses.

We still remember his spectacular assist versus Manchester City in the 2018–19 season. A lung-bursting dribble through City’s left flank preceded a beautiful curled cross for Firmino to convert.

To support this distributor role, Robertson fields the Nike Phantom GX, another pass-centric boot from the iconic Phantom line that’s also built for the dribbler.

The GX features a different kind of texture on its uppers from the GT for enhanced grip and precision control, the instep wave pattern.

The texture resembles a rippling wave centered on the instep with a circular pattern stretching out from that point. This spreads the traction throughout the shoe uppers and enables precision touches regardless of the point of contact with the ball.

Meanwhile, under the cleats, the Phantom GX features tri-star studs on the forefoot to provide optimal traction.

The tri-star stud pattern distributes pressure evenly on the ground surface and enables maximum energy transfer between steps to unlock instant directional turns for those one-on-one duels.

Off the pitch, Robertson kicks back with the iconic Nike Converse Chuck 70 high-top sneakers. It’s a retro look that dominantly features heavy-duty canvas for the uppers and a staple style for a wide range of occasions. From casual outings to formal dinners and events.

Robertson likes to pair this retro look with the ultra-comfortable LFC Crewneck Grey Marl Sweatshirt, which features 75% cotton to give it a soft and gentle feel.

It’s the perfect chill-out gear and an excellent way for you to stay connected to the Reds with its left-chested Liverbird logo. Find this look and more on the extensive collection of hoodies and sweatshirts at The Anfield Shop.

LFC Crewneck Grey Marl Sweatshirt

4. James Milner Nike Phantom GT2 Elite

It’s a stoppage-time penalty for Liverpool, the final kick. The scores are level versus Leicester City at 1–1 so it’s a big one. A potential match-winner.

MBE James Milner steps up to the spot. It all falls on him to keep the 2019 streak going with an eighth consecutive win for the Reds.

A pause… Bang! Bottom left corner. The Keeper had no chance.

We’ve come to appreciate Milner’s composure during these nerve-wracking moments and it takes good gear to help him step up. As such, Milner fields a pair of Nike Phantom GT2 Elite.

The shoes hail from the well-researched Nike Phantom line and are built for the passing play as well as the strike.

The Phantom GT Elite 2 features the iconic Nike generative texture on its uppers, for that perfect touch, and goes further with a weight-saving split stud system for faster strikes and greater shot power.

This design isolates the heel and forefoot studs and joins them with a thin plastic strip that lowers the general weight of the Phantom GT2 Elite.

Off the pitch, James Milner has been spotted in a black pair of Air Jordan 1s. It’s a stylish shoe featuring a low-top silhouette and a black-and-white color scheme of leather uppers, including the Nike Swoosh.

White serves as the base color with black overlaying on the toe box, heel, and double-sided Swoosh logo.

5. Darwin Nunez’s Springy Nike Zoom Air Mercurial

It’s three minutes on the clock against Real Madrid. The fans are barely settled when Bang! Nunez is on the score sheet and it's the fastest-ever champions league goal.

The quality of the strike was remarkable as was Nunez’s choice of shoes, a revolutionary pair of Nike Zoom Air Mercurials with integrated airbags.

The Zoom Air Mercurials feature boot-specific airbags within their sole plates to create a unique comfortable underfoot sensation and generate extra springy steps. This enables Nunez to move faster on the attack and jump higher for those aerial duels.

The boosts are perfect offensive tools for this attacker, and when it comes to color, Nunez fancies a custom black Zoom Air Mercurial with a touch of the national flag on the sides.

Understandably, this custom style has gained attention on the streets, with fans still excited about the recent World Cup.

Better still, the unique black color scheme also matches the Liverpool FC Blackout Istanbul Walk-Out Jacket that Nunez favors.

Blackout Istanbul Walk-Out Jacket

"Fits perfectly. Well made"
- Peter H, Verified Buyer

While out and about, Darwin Nunez has been spotted rocking a pair of all-white Nike Air Force 1s and for good reason: they’re versatile.

Their signature perforated toe box, stitched shoe uppers, extra thick midsoles, and an all-white color scheme pair as easily with a formal dinner jacket as they do with a casual hoodie.

Stitched uppers and perforations on the toe box create a look that’s synonymous with tannery and befitting of a formal occasion, while the thick midsoles and neutral color scheme create a casual feel that matches any outfit.

shoes of famous Liverpool players photo snippet

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