Your Take: North American Reds' Favorite LFC 21/22 Match

by Matthew Taylor

Hey Reds! After an extremely long and exciting season for Liverpool, does anybody else feel bored without watching the Reds week in and week out? My weekends especially feel empty, perhaps that just means I need to get more hobbies... With the season coming to an end, it seems right to look back at some of the best moments, and there were a lot! I was interested in learning what Reds fans favorite game of the season was.

In a season where Liverpool played in every game they possibly could have, it made it hard to choose just one favorite game. A few games instantly jumped out to me, Carabao Cup Final, FA Cup Final, both wins against the Blues, just to name a few. Like I said, it's hard picking just one, but let's take a look at what some Reds fans said.

Love it, no explanation needed!

What a penalty shootout that was! It did keep the quadruple dream alive.

We will always love a win against the Mancs, especially a humiliating win!

There's just something special about going into United's home and embarrassing them!

The video is the perfect representation of what it feels like when your team scores a last minute winner! Love the Anfield Shop exclusive hoodie as well! 😉

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