New Arrival Spotlight: LFC Tea Towels

by Matthew Taylor

Hey Reds! You might have noticed a new product at The Anfield Shop, and it might have caused a bit of confusion due to the name. Our new Liverpool FC Tea Towels have just launched, and to a European boy like yours truly, I didn't bat an eye. However, the name was the cause of quite a bit of confusion at our office. Apparently, "tea towels" are not that common in the US, at least the name isn't. Let me shed the light on this highly important issue...

To put it simply, a tea towel is what you may know as a dishtowel. They are cloth that is primarily used for drying clean dishes. Their origin dates back to 18th century England. Originally, tea towels were said to only be owned by the rich, who would use the towel for their tea parties and drying their fine china. Now, tea towels are a kitchen essential, used globally. 

Tea towels are also a great way to add a bit of style and character to your home. Which is where our tea towels come in. I may be biased, but our LFC tea towel set has become one of my favorite products we carry. The two contrasting designs give me a retro feel, while also having a classy look. The unique design will definitely be a conversation starter. They are the perfect way to bring Liverpool FC into your home!

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