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Name: OLSC Orange County

Matchday Meeting Point: The Auld Dubliner, Tustin CA
Contact: Hendy Kusumadilaga – Chairman

Social Handles
Facebook Group – OLSC Orange County

What they’re about
We are a family group for Liverpool FC supporters to stay connected and come together to support our club and each other. We get together for all matches at The Auld Dubliner in Tustin, Ca. The family is there for each and every match of the season no matter the time of day.

Our group started out as LFC Orange County in 2012 when we used to meet at the now defunct London Pub in Costa Mesa. A couple of our founding members were bartenders at this place and they were able to convince the boss to allow a bunch of their “soccer” buddies in to watch matches early in the morning. There, among good friends and bad burritos, we formed our local Red family!


After a couple of years our group grew stronger but unfortunately The London Pub did not see the same success. We had to find a new home for our growing family. Then we found the luck of the Irish at The Auld Dubliner in Tustin, CA. This pub was much bigger than our previous home and the staff have always been very accommodating with doors open even for our 4am kick offs.

Now after 7 years our group is over 700 members strong. We have 200-300 core members who come to the pub regularly to watch matches together. With so many members and so much activity through the year we could not hold it together without the help of the committee. With our Treasurer Jairo keeping all the funds safe and our two Secretaries Yuki and Regina helping the Chairman Hendy with the social media duties, OLSC OC is there for local Reds.

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and our own website at OLSCOrangeCounty.com.


We have The California Kop where we all stand for the match and sing all the songs from our sacred grounds plus a few of our own. There’s nothing like a good sing song with the family to kick up the atmosphere. Predawn kick offs don’t bother our seriously obsessed supporters who support The Mighty Reds. No. Matter. What.

If you are ever in Orange County on match day then be sure to join us at the pub! You’ll be more than welcome to join us any time and you are sure to make new friends in our family. YNWA

Memorable Moments
We’ve had many memorable moments together like our yearly Bar B Que on the beach in the summer and our holiday party in the winter. We have fun playing Fifa tournaments and real life footy tournaments in the Pub Cup too. There has definitely been lots of fun had by all during a few road trips and party busses. One of the most memorable moments is following the team while they were on their California tour a few years back. Lots of fun at many events up and down the coast!

Match day Breakfast
Match day breakfast will vary at our pub depending on the time of day. For the super early matches before dawn we don’t bother to wake up the cook. We just bring donuts for the coffee. If the match starts after 8 am then there is a good chance the cook is awake and you can get yourself a nice little breakfast butty. If you are really lucky and the rice is cooked, then you can have yourself the best Hawaiian Loco Moco served in an Irish Pub! Mmm!

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club
Our family has been lucky enough to witness some truly amazing LFC moments together over the years. We’ve seen incredible goals go in for us and against us. We’ve seen truly talented players come and go. We’ve seen titles and trophies come within reach and fall through our fingers. Through it all the best thing about OLSC Orange County is sharing it all with our local Reds! But of course, having 500+ family members celebrating the Champions League victory together is pretty priceless as well.

Written by LFC Orange County.

Interested in finding out more about LFC Orange County or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!


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    Looking for Liverpool supporters

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    My husband and I would love to join!

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