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The cold fall weather is officially here, and I don't know about you but it's my favorite season. Being from Ireland, the cold and wet weather doesn't bother me, in fact, it makes me feel at home. I often get strange looks when I tell people that fall is my favorite season. But there's nothing better than cozying up on a comfy couch watching the Reds while it's cold out and the leaves are falling. Pair that with a pumpkin spice latte and you have the perfect morning. Don't you dare judge me for liking pumpkin spice lattes.

What better way to embrace the cozy essence of fall than by indulging in a ritual that combines the warmth of Liverpool FC loungewear with the thrill of Premier League mornings? It's the perfect timing, as our very own Allison has been hard at work unboxing and stocking brand-new LFC loungewear items at the shop. Trust me when I say, these items will have you not wanting to take them off. You could always be like my dad by not caring about what people think and wearing your pajamas and slippers out while running errands... Shout out to you, dad!

I'll take you through my top five Liverpool FC loungewear items that we just got in at the shop. You should check out the full collection because it was extremely hard to pick just five.

Liverpool FC Mens Quilt Slippers Grey

Perhaps the most essential loungewear item when it's cold out is a nice warm pair of slippers. My slippers go straight on my feet as soon as I wake up, and I don't plan on taking them off unless I absolutely have to. We've got a few boss pairs of slippers at the shop, but I've chosen this pair because of the outside material. The polyester outside means they can withstand the wet fall conditions. The red inner of these is also the perfect touch.

Liverpool FC Mens 23/24 Home Pajamas

We all know the best way to support the Reds is by cheering them on in one of their beautiful jerseys. But sometimes you just don't want to take off your pajamas. If that sounds like you, then the 23/24 Home Pajama set is perfect for you! Inspired from this season's home kit, but with that unrivaled comfort you get from that pajama feel. You can't beat this item for those early Premier League mornings!

Liverpool FC Liverbird Grey Hoody

If you're not a fan of wearing pajamas, then a cozy hoodie is the next best thing. We have a bunch at the shop, but for some reason, whenever I think of comfy loungewear, I think of grey. So I've chosen this grey Liverbird hoodie, which screams soft and warm and is perfect for the fall weather. Unlike with the pajamas, you won't get any weird looks if you wear this out and about either, which I guess is a plus!

Liverpool FC Double Coverless Duvet

I know the feeling of not wanting to leave your warm bed to make that long trip to the couch to watch the Reds, but it will be much easier when you know you have a cozy LFC blanket waiting for you. Trust me, you'll be wanting to make that trip when you feel this large red duvet. The red with the white Liverbird detail makes this essential for those game days.

Liverpool FC Mens Paneled Joggers

Sometimes we get dragged away to do adult things when we just want to lounge around, it sucks but that's life. These joggers are the perfect pants because they are made to do both. Whether you're parked in front of the TV watching the Reds or doing errands, you'll be comfortable either way in these. They also look super stylish with the boss details.

Cozy fall mornings in Liverpool FC loungewear, while watching the Reds play are nothing short of magical. It's a blend of warmth, style, and a sense of belonging. So, as the leaves continue to fall and the matches roll on, I'll be right here, sipping on my coffee and cheering for the boys in Red.

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Article by Matthew Taylor

Matthew has been with the Anfield Shop since October 2021. Matt loves everything football, and everything Liverpool! He attended Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, where he played football while also achieving an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a master's in Interactive Digital Media & Communications.

Matthew Taylor

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  • Icepick

    I’ve enjoyed every product that I’ve ordered from The Anfield Shop!!! I ordered one of the “Mystery Box” and I couldn’t believe the product once it arrived! I will order another one in the very near future!!! YNWA

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