New Check-Out Donation Option In Support Of The Side By Side Campaign

by Matthew Taylor

Hey Reds family! The Anfield Shop is extremely proud to announce a new option at check out. This new feature is in support of the Side by Side campaign. There is now an option to add $1 to your order in support of this charity. Have a read below to learn about this great campaign and to see pictures of this new option.

The LFC Foundation and Right To Play are working Side by Side, using the power of sport and play to transform the lives of vulnerable children at home and away. 100% of the donations will directly fund Side by Side community programs. 

You'll Never Walk Alone are not just words to us, it truly means something. It means we're a family, we're always together! Together we can help children rise above adversity and empower them to learn, lead and succeed!

To learn more about all the details of the Side by Side campaign, visit the official website here:

Nobody could put it better than our boss, Klopp, "we need to act now to make sure every child has a chance to thrive. A chance to create a better future for themselves."


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