Matt's Top 5 Bobby Firmino Liverpool Moments

by Matthew Taylor

Hey Reds! Liverpool will play their last home game of the season on Saturday, May 20th against Aston Villa. This means that it will be the last time Roberto Firmino will play at Anfield. Eight glorious years of Bobby in the famous Red jersey will come to an end this season.

Eight years is a long time, so there's no limit to magical Bobby moments, but I'm going to try and narrow them down to just 5! This is just my list so please don't come for me if I missed one of your favorite moments! Let me know down below in the comments what your top 5 Bobby moments are.

5. THAT Bobby Assist

In most cases, nobody remembers the assist for a goal. However, everybody remembers this Bobby assist. It came in a game against Newcastle at Anfield in 2020. Mo Salah played a pass into Bobby and the Brazilian rolls the ball with his right foot and flicks it back to Mo with his left. Mo then finishes the dazzling move with a tidy finish into the bottom right corner. Filthy, cheeky, flashy, and sensational are just a few words to describe this assist!

Watch the assist here

Liverpool FC AWF Men
Liverpool FC​​

4. Bobby against Arsenal

I might be cheating here because these are multiple moments instead of one, but you know what, I don't care! It's fair to say that Bobby tormented Arsenal during his time in a Liverpool shirt, and I loved every minute of it! With eleven goals and three assists against the Gunners, I'm sure Arsenal fans will be celebrating when Bobby leaves the Premier League. It was poetic that Bobby was the man that popped up with Liverpool's equalizer in what will be his last game against Arsenal.

Watch all of Bobby's goals against Arsenal here

Liverpool FC Titanium Strap Watch
Liverpool FC​​

3. The no-look special

Scoring a goal is hard enough, but clearly not for Bobby who took it upon himself to start scoring without looking! With a total of seven no-look goals, it's easy to see why Bobby has become the no-look specialist! He's also done it everywhere he's been, including for his country Brazil. My favorite Bobby no-look goal has to be against Arsenal, of course, where it was part of a hat trick performance in the Premier League in 2018.

Watch all of Bobby's no-look goals here

Liverpool FC Titanium Strap Watch
Liverpool FC​​

2. Club World Cup winner

Bobby was a key figure in Liverpool's victorious Champions League Campaign in 2019, and this was also the case when the Reds became world champions. Bobby's extra-time goal in the Club World Cup final against CR Flamengo clinched the title for Liverpool. With this being Liverpool's first and only Club World Cup, Bobby will forever be etched in the club's history! World Champions! What a feeling!

Liverpool FC Titanium Strap Watch
Liverpool FC​​

1. The celebrations

Out of all these incredible Bobby moments, his iconic celebrations have to be at the top of my list! There are far too many to list, but I'll give you my top 5 celebrations of Bobby in a Red shirt! From his kung kicks, covered eye, Brazilian dances, flexing, and side steps. It's going to be a sad time knowing we won't see any more Bobby celebrations in a Liverpool top, but hopefully, we can watch some more iconic celebrations wherever he goes next!

Liverpool FC Titanium Strap Watch
Liverpool FC​​

We could never thank Bobby enough for all the boss memories he has given us Liverpool fans! I'm sure Anfield will give him a proper send-off on the 20th of May. Be sure to shop our Firmino Collection while there's still time!

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Article by Matthew Taylor

Matthew has been with the Anfield Shop since October 2021. Matt loves everything football, and everything Liverpool! He attended Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, where he played football while also achieving an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a master's in Interactive Digital Media & Communications.

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