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Hey Reds! The winter period is usually a Premier League fan's favorite time of the year. However, with the first-ever winter World Cup taking place, it's been a bit different this year. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about getting to watch a World Cup, but there's just something missing in my life when I don't get to watch the Reds play! Okay, maybe a tad bit dramatic...

Well, the Reds finally return to Premier League action on December 26th. Boxing Day! One of my favorite holidays, wait, is it a holiday? A full day of footy counts as a holiday in my book! From my own experience, many North Americans are unfamiliar with Boxing Day and its meaning. I personally relate it to a full day of soccer, but there are many theories behind the holiday.

One theory of the origin of Boxing Day comes from Christmas boxes collecting donations for the poor. Another theory comes from the custom of people giving service workers or their workers Christmas gifts or bonuses the first working day after Christmas. In many countries, Boxing Day has turned into a shopping day where massive sales are offered to the public.

But, the best thing about Boxing Day? The Anfield Shop Boxing Day Deal, of course! With every order over $125, an 'Anfield Nights, European Lights' Banner will be included in the order for free! That's a value of $50! This deal is for Boxing Day only and while supplies last. This boss banner will be a great addition to any fan's Liverpool FC collection!

Have a great Holiday period, Reds! Let's hope for an LFC win against Aston Villa to celebrate on Boxing Day! 💪🔴

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  • Doug McGregor

    Hey Matt. As a member of the British Commonwealth, we celebrate Boxing Day in Canada. Not all North Americans need instruction on the topic. My mom had her on definition of Boxing Day though as the day that you box up and return to the store that crocodile lamp that maiden aunt, Martha gave you. Ick!

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