Loyal Companions: Liverpool Players and Their Beloved Pets

by Josh Weiss

In January 2015, Mario Balotelli, then a Liverpool FC player, adopted two rescue dogs and brought them to Melwood training ground for a fun day out. The white pups, named Stevie and G, ran around Melwood taking in the sights and sounds of Liverpool, albeit not being trained. 

The result was a huge comic relief for the other Liverpool FC players and staff. It also revealed an important lesson: Athletes love pets. Why, though? The reasons are far-reaching and include:

  • Pets are loyal and act as pillars of support.
  • Pets are great companions and they help you destress after a long day
  • Pets are selfless and offer unconditional love

Many players, such as Virgil van Dijk, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Mohamed Salah have taken to social media to showcase their furry friends and the joy they bring to their lives. We shall take a look at some.

white dog in red Liverpool FC Dog Coat

And if you are a pet lover like these Liverpool legends, you’re in luck. We have Liverpool-themed pet accessories and apparel, such as Liverpool FC pet jerseys, available at The Anfield Shop.

1 - Alisson Becker and Horses

Alisson Becker is a true animal lover, borne out of his love for the countryside. He often takes his kids out to his family’s ranch in Lavras do Sul in Southern Brazil to see cows and horses. He particularly loves horses, as seen on his Instagram page.

Horses are pets too (though there is contention about this) and they are obedient, trustworthy, and intelligent animals, making it easy to develop a strong bond with them.

Alisson chose horses to be his four-legged friends due to their companionship and elegance. They are a symbol of strength and courage.

The Anfield Shop pet merchandise section has a Liverpool FC Bow Tie Collar & Lead Set that, although created for dogs, works for horses too. It is fully adjustable, and has a matching dickie bow so your horse can be dressed formally for every race. In our opinion, this is a statement piece you don’t want to miss.

red Liverpool FC Hi-Vis Dog Collar

Fun Fact: When Alisson moved to Liverpool from AS Roma in 2018, he was the most expensive goalkeeper in the world, at $65 million.

2 - Diogo Jota and his Beagle Trio

Christmas picture of Diogo Jota with his family

How cute is this photo of Diogo Jota with his family? With his wife, two sons, and three beagles, they form the Cardoso Silva family. Luna and her two beagle pups are an obvious part of the family, as witnessed by the numerous photographs of them together.

And how adorable are the little sweaters the hounds have on? Well, your dogs, too, can rock our Liverpool FC Dog This is Anfield Tee, Liverbird Pride Tee, and Dog Coat with style. Our Liverpool FC Shankly Pet Jacket is also a stylish addition to your dog’s wardrobe.

Fun Fact: Diogo Jota just scored Liverpool’s 10,300th goal in their resounding 6-1 win over Leeds United.

Liverpool FC Shankly Pet Jacket

3 - Mohamed Salah and his Siamese Cats

Mo Salah with his pet Siamese cats

Mo Salah is a fan of cats and a defender of animal rights. In a video he posted on social media, he defended them saying, “Just like you and I, animals are souls trying to survive.” This was when Egypt planned to deport stray dogs and cats.

He regularly posts short videos and pictures with his two Siamese cats, named Boss and Scrub. This cat breed is one of the most affectionate cats. They will follow their owner around the house and are very playful. Even more interesting, they are really expressive and vocal about their food, and what they observe through the window.

In an advertisement for Oppo, a popular phone manufacturer, Salah reveals that his phone’s lock screen is one of his beloved cats. He relaxes and plays with his feline friends when he’s at home.

Mo Salah with one of his Siamese cats

At The Anfield Shop, we stock official Liverpool FC pet accessories, such as our Liverpool FC Cat Toy Set to keep your cat entertained. It includes a cat tunnel and a mouse toy wand allowing your cat to play without much human interaction.

Did You Know? Mohamed Salah has just made his 300th Liverpool appearance at a home game against Tottenham.

cat playing with Liverpool FC Toy Set

4 - Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Dogs

Mention Otis and Leo, and you’ve got Alex’s attention. The two puggles are a mixed breed of Pug and Beagle. His fiance, Perrie Edwards, has a cute Pomeranian named Hatchi. The couple adopted a French bulldog called Travis during the lockdown in March 2020. They own four dogs in total.

Alex sitting at the table with his dogs

There’s a reason why dogs are man’s best friends. But are they better than cats? We refuse to indulge in this debate, mostly because we are divided on this issue. In our world, both cats and dogs rule, and they both drool. So we leave it at that.

Dogs give emotional support to their owners, and after a hard game, Alex definitely gets companionship from his beloved pugs. They also protect their owners from danger and are fiercely loyal.

One of the other best things about owning a dog as a pet is that they are far easier to train than most other pets because of their independence and obedience.

Keeping a dog on a leash is pretty easy if you get the basic training right. Our Liverpool FC High-Vis Dog Leash has a 5-meter radius and allows you to lock and release your dog’s movements with ease.

Liverpool FC High-Vis Dog Leash

5 - Thiago Alcantara and Brownie and Floc

Thiago Alcantara, the Spanish midfielder for Liverpool FC, is happily married to Julia Vigas, and together they share two children, Siena and Gabriela, and a love for pets.

The family also owns a white and brown dog called Floc, and Julia enjoys walks with him in England as she supports Thiago. Thiago also owns a dog named Brownie, whom he had before his marriage to Julia. The couple participates in events such as World Animal Day.

It is heartwarming to see how much Thiago and his family love and care for Brownie and Floc. It reminds us that pets are more than just animals; they are an integral part of our lives and bring us immense joy and comfort.

If you, too, enjoy playing with your furry friends, then this Liverpool FC Plush Dog Toy is perfect for them. Get ready for incessant cute puppy eyes every time your dog will want to play with you.

Liverpool-Themed Pet Accessories and Apparel from The Anfield Shop

As a pet owner and a Liverpool FC fan, you can now showcase your love for both with Liverpool-themed pet accessories and apparel available at The Anfield Shop. Here's an overview of what you can find on our website:

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Some of the unique items available on The Anfield Shop include:

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Liverpool FC Collapsible Pet Bowl Both Cats and Dogs This pet bowl is perfect for feeding your furry friend on the go, as it can be easily collapsed and stored. It features the Liverpool FC crest and holds up to 1.5 cups of food or water.
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You can easily purchase any of these products directly from The Anfield Shop. We offer a simple and secure checkout process, and we ship internationally, so you can showcase your love for Liverpool and your furry friend no matter where you are.

We’re All Pet Owners … Somehow

We would like to postulate a theory as we conclude: Every Liverpool player and fan loves pets. Wanna know why? Well, the liverbird speaks for itself.

The liverbird is a cormorant, which is a type of aquatic bird. Liverpool FC trademarked the liverbird in September 2010. So, in a way, we are all pet owners. Taking care of your official LFC Pet Gear with the Liverbird logo is akin to taking good care of your pet.

Do you agree with us? Let us know in the comment section, or tag us on our social media platforms with a photo of your liverbird.

Here is our crew exploring the city of Liverpool:

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