Official Liverpool Supporters Club Spotlight: OLSC New Jersey Shore

by James Doig

Name: OLSC New Jersey Shore
Match Day Meeting Point: Jimbo's Bar and Grill, Seaside Heights, NJ
Contact: Ed Kelly - Secretary of the Board, Social Media
Social Handles: Instagram: @olscjerseyshore, Twitter: @olscjerseyshore, FB: LFCJerseyShore

What they’re about:
The club is about gathering together in a family friendly environment to cheer on and support Liverpool FC and to support our local community at large. Rain or shine, early or late. The supporters club was born in 2019 and we've currently got over 150 members.  We meet right on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, and we are a stone throw from the ocean, rides and amusements.

Memorable Moments
The first year at Jimbo’s, just about every match we were meeting new local LFC fans and hearing from them their story about how they got into the club.  We learned that we had scouser transplants that have lived in our area for 20+ years, as well as many new fans that had only recently gotten into the club.  We got to meet some of the other local OLSCs, share scarves and hosting new groups at the beach. 

With that said, the most memorable moment for us was when we had been notified by the club that we were to obtain the official “OLSC” status after putting in our application and telling our story.  We had been told that the club wanted video clips of the match that week, and we had given our registered members the heads up that we were to be announced along with others.  The match happened to be the Leicester City match that Milly won on a penalty in extra time and the bar went wild. 

Favorite Match day Breakfast?
Easy. It would have to be the Jersey Shore classic, pork roll egg and cheesey (and sometimes, a whiskey ginger or Carlsberg too early in the morning). Jimbo's has great pizza and sushi as well!

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club?
Coming together after the massive Champions League campaign in ‘’18-’19 and we were already riding that high as we formed the supporters club.  But no question the best Liverpool FC moment for the club was winning the EPL in ‘19/’20 in our first campaign together.  As the campaign wore on and we knew it was going to be close, the crowds coming together were growing larger and larger, and the atmosphere was superb.

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