Step Up Your Fan Game: 7 Liverpool FC Fan Cave Ideas to Envy

by Josh Weiss

A Liverpool FC fan cave is a dedicated space to enjoy your favorite pastime, in this case, football matches. It should have a unified, central theme that directly speaks to the team spirit, players, and fans. 

So, you’d expect the ultimate Liverpool FC fan cave to feature the following aspects:

  • Photos of players, fans, and iconic moments in the club’s history
  • Red and white Liverpool-themed accents, such as curtains, pillow cases, mats
  • Other LFC memorabilia and souvenirs

Over the past few years, the fan cave trend has been on the rise, borrowing a leaf from the more widespread man cave. It creates a shared space for fans to enjoy game camaraderie. 

With an LFC fan cave, you get to showcase unique football memorabilia, while enjoying the game on a big screen. You’ll also need quality surround sound so you can hear all the sounds from ripples of applause to boos to the commentator’s voice. 

We’ve brought together the following Liverpool FC fan cave ideas for inspiration as you deck out your first (or next) fan cave.

1 - Bold and Beautiful

Liverpool FC inspired theme bedroom

Imagine turning your bedroom into a Liverpool fan cave. It’s clear that this is a serious fan, and they are proud of it.

Notice how bold the reds and whites are. The only other colors in view are black and grey, which do little to tone down the vivacious color combo of red and white. The best part about this combination is that the red does not swallow down the white; they complement each other perfectly.

What makes this fan cave even more eye-catching is that the room does not feel overwhelming because the white balances the red out. White acts as an accent color and breaks up the room a little, while still maintaining visual interest.

red and white Liverpool FC fan cave

This other Liverpool FC fan cave is sparsely furnished, allowing for the red and white to be more outstanding. The ceiling and floor are both white, and the grey walls tone down the whites a bit. This allows for the reds to glow more.

2 - Love for the Players

Sadio Mane & Mohamed Salah art canvas painting poster

Picture this: You’re at Anfield, and the Liverpool game just ended. They won, as per usual. From the corner of your eye, you notice Virgil van Djik passing by you. You’re a massive fan of his, which is obvious from the number on your LFC jersey.

Naturally, you’d want an autograph. Here he comes, so you reach into your pocket for your Sharpie. You never walk alone, literally, because you don’t know when the opportunity to get your favorite player’s autograph will come. Yet here it is, but there is no Sharpie in sight. This is not the time to share Sharpies, everyone’s using theirs.

While the chances of this actually happening are slim, we curated a solution that works perfectly for you. At The Anfield Shop, we have an affiliate link for all our fans to use on the Liverpool FC Store so you can buy authentic signed memorabilia and collectibles, such as jerseys, caps, and pictures that you can hang on your fan cave wall.

LFC VVD Poster 22-23

So now, instead of haggling stars for autographs, you can actually celebrate the game stress-free and brag to your friends about your signed LFC merchandise.

garage turned into ultimate Liverpool FC man cave

Or you can purchase our collection of Football’s Finest Resin Statues of your favorite players, or of the whole team!

3 - Match-Day Memories

ultimate Liverpool FC themed man-cave

This fan decided to turn their fan cave into a collage of every team that has played against Liverpool, important goals, and goal celebrations. The room is a Liverpool FC canvas; any time the club makes any move, it’s reflected in the fan cave.

The jerseys at the bottom are well arranged, and hang from each framed photo collage. Imagine placing comfy seats in this room and tuning in to a Reds game. The club’s spirit lives in this room.

In fact, as the team makes progress in the future, you can incorporate it into another framed collage.

This fan cave also uses the same principle as the one above; turning your fan cave into a treasure trove of memories. So now if you take any new pictures on match-day, you know where they’ll shine best.

garage turned into ultimate Liverpool FC man cave

For those who can’t get to full-time without a drink, you can purchase a Liverpool FC Pilsner Pint Glass or a Liverpool FC Plaque Tankard Glass. Enjoy match day with style. 

Liverpool FC Pilsner Pint Glass

Liverpool FC Plaque Tankard Glass

Remember when Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher lifted the Champions League trophy in Istanbul? That night has been hailed as the greatest one in Liverpool FC’s history. What’s even more amazing is that you can purchase an LFC Signed Gerrard & Carragher UCL Photo, and hang it in your fan cave.

Here is what they both had to say about that Champions League win:

“I'll be on a bender for a week.” - Jamie Carragher

“I slept with the cup in my hotel room. I did not want it out of my sight. When I woke up and someone took it away, I felt I had lost a part of me.” - Steven Gerrard

Fun Fact: Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard are the two Liverpool players with the most Champion League appearances, at 91 and 87 respectively.

Liverpool FC Signed Gerrard & Carragher UCL Photo

We also have memorabilia dedicated to our captain, Mr. Henderson himself. You can get an LFC Signed Henderson Cap In Frame showing him over the years. So if you are a collector, or are vamping up your fan cave, buy our authentic signed merch.

4 - Anfield Elegance

Liverpool FC retail's ultimate fan cave

The neutral brown color used in this fan cave amplifies and complements Liverpool’s red and white. Notice how the reds and whites stand out. You’ll definitely notice the “This is Anfield” scarf hanging on the wall.

Moreover, it creates an intimate and calming atmosphere that makes the room a sanctuary. The mix-and-match plush throw pillows, framed photographs, and chess set all add a touch of elegance to the room and make it more luxurious.

You can purchase this exact “YNWA” wall art inscription from our store.

Liverpool FC fan cave with canvas in background

True Kopites will cringe to know that Anfield was once Everton’s home. The Everton Cricket Club used to play there back in 1884. Liverpool FC bought it, and it has since been remodeled to feature Liverpool’s core values and themes.

Did You Know? Anfield’s capacity was 20,000, but only 100 fans attended the first game of Houlding’s new club, Liverpool.

In that case, your Liverpool FC fan cave should reflect the historic Anfield story by incorporating the following unique and high-quality products from the Anfield Shop:

Liverpool FC fan cave with wall accessories

5 - Fan-Tastic Furnishings

Liverpool FC themed man cave decor

If you were invited to this fan cave, what would your first impression be? Clean and organized, right? Well, this stunning effect is largely due to the dazzling whites and dramatic reds

Look at the bar stools, and how they fit so well against the red bar. Or the white and red table supported by footballs on all four sides. Did you notice the room’s carpet is green, just like a football pitch? 

One last thing, look at how the TV is placed low enough to give the club’s memorabilia space to stand out, while still allowing viewers to watch the game even while sitting on the floor.

Liverpool FC bullseye dartboard

This bullseye dartboard is an important furnishing for when it’s half-time, and you want to release all the tension. It incorporates Liverpool’s colors, making it a tasteful addition to the interior decor. 

6 - Girl Power

Olive Rowe at home in her Liverpool FC Nan Cave

This is Olive Rowe, a true Reds fan, in her “nan cave.” She died aged 87 and had supported Liverpool for over seven decades. Her nan cave has unique Liverpool FC memorabilia, such as a knitted Steven Gerrard doll and a photograph of Bill Shankly

The wall behind her is a literal Liverpool FC wall of fame, with an official 2005 Liverpool FC calendar, a vintage clock, a “You Never Walk Alone” framed banner, a collage of important moments in Liverpool FC’s history, and a fond 80th Happy Birthday framed note from the club. 

She was fondly called by some “Mrs. LFC YNWA”, as in “Mrs. Liverpool FC You Never Walk Alone”. Her loyal support revealed two important things. One, is that female fans, too, can be avid football fans. And that two, fan caves are not limited to be man caves alone; nan caves and she sheds can exist and flourish.  

If you are a female Liverpool FC supporter, you can incorporate this beautiful Crest Magnet Set into your fan cave decor. Or hang a jumbo poster of your favorite player on your wall or door, just as Olive Rowe did.

Olive pointing at jumbo Stevie G poster on her door

7 - Scouse Style

Liverpool FC bedroom mural

Scousers are either red or blue, that is Liverpool or Everton. When you find one on either side of the divide, they are wholly dedicated to that side. The Scouse culture spans different aspects, such as wall art. 

For instance, consider this fan who chose a Liverpool FC mural depicting Liverpool players celebrating after a goal. Liverpool FC’s official colors are red, green and gold, and you can see how beautifully they blend in with the wall art. 

Or how this bedroom was turned into a Liverpool FC fan cave with depictions of vibrant wall art, all paying homage to red Scousers.

Liverpool FC bedroom photo grid

Liverpool FC players bedroom mural

Simple, yet powerful. In this room, you feel the sport in your veins, in all its glory; how each player depicts a different emotion often felt during the game. Further, the furniture chosen is subtle, and places focus on the wall art. 

United by the Liverpool FC Team Spirit

Football is the most popular sport globally. Fans swoon over every goal, and gloom over every loss. Liverpool FC fans are no different. In fact, Scousers are known to celebrate more vigorously than other clubs, especially due to their club anthem.

“There's not one club in Europe with an anthem like You'll Never Walk Alone. There's not one club in the world so united with their fans. I sat there watching the Liverpool fans and they sent shivers down my spine. A mass of 40,000 people became one force behind their team. That's something not many teams have. For that I admire Liverpool more than anything.” - Johann Cruijff

Immortalizing valuable moments like this is what led to the creation of fan caves. And while everyone has their own perspective of what an LFC fan cave should be like, the underlying factor is that the team spirit should bounce off the walls

Whether you like it simple, or love a bit of flair, we have the best selection of memorabilia for you to incorporate into your fan cave. 

Feel free to share with us a photo of your fan cave. We can’t wait to see what you create.

Club Record at Anfield: 85 home games unbeaten in all competitions. Liverpool did not lose at Anfield between 7th February 1978 to 31st January 1981. 85 games in total, 69 wins and 16 draws.

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