Matt Explains: Liverpool FC Christmas Crackers

by Matthew Taylor

Hey Reds! It's officially December! This means the incessant Christmas-song playlists and the launch of the Official Liverpool FC Christmas Collection here at Anfield Shop! Christmas is my favorite holiday, so you can bet that my house will be littered with Reds-related Christmas items.

The arrival of holiday-themed items into the shop occasionally spark a bit of an argument, sorry, a forum... First up? LFC Christmas Crackers

Not being native to North America, to me and James, Christmas crackers are a standard component on the Christmas dinner table. However, it became apparent that this is not the case in the US. Some of the crew at the shop were left puzzled. Without naming names, some were expecting a Liverpool FC-designed saltine cracker! You know what... that actually might be the next million-dollar idea!

To clear things up, it is not a saltine cracker. A Christmas cracker is a fun item that is pulled apart by two people, which causes a snapping sound. Whoever pulls the larger piece becomes the winner and is rewarded with the contents of the cracker. The ultimate test of human strength! I'm pretty sure Christmas cracker contests are what was held at the Colosseum.

Our crackers contain various surprise LFC gifts! but we're not revealing secrets.  Who will get the best item and be crowned Christmas cracker champion!

Needless to say, crackers are an essential part of Christmas dinner, even more-so, Liverpool FC Christmas crackers!  So start a new tradition (or keep one going) with the Liverpool FC Christmas Crackers.  Comes in a set of 6 and ships daily from our HQ outside of Seattle, Washington.

Don't forget to tag us with your Anfield Shop Holiday items and how #WeLiveLFC

Happy Holidays, Reds! 🎄🔴


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