Happy New Year from Anfield Shop HQ!

by Alisha Weiss
Anfield Shop 2021 Thanks

Dear Anfield Shop Community,

Greetings from a snowed-in Poulsbo! We’ve spent the last week trying to not go stir crazy and today took a trip down memory lane for the year that was 2021. On behalf of all us - thank you for your business this year. We could not have done it without your support!

This time last year we were very hopeful to see the start of a new year. Like many small businesses we had a couple bumps and bruises from the opening round of the pandemic. As we look back on ’21, this year has been one of extremes. While we doubled the amount of products in the shop we also experienced severe shortages in the supply chain that left a lot of the shop bare for months at a time. 

We expect the challenges to continue throughout the upcoming year but we are working behind the scenes to ensure we have everything you need to support the Mighty Reds in 2022.From all of us here at the shop - wishing you a safe and Happy New Year! 

If you’re ever in the Seattle area and feel like hitching a ride on a ferry boat we’d love to show you around the shop and show you what your support has built over the years.Up the Reds.

YNWA from our family to yours,

Alisha & Josh
& the entire Anfield Shop crew of Theresa, James, Amy, Matthew, Allison, Nader, Caitlin, Arnetta, Maddee and Derek.

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