Finding Your Perfect LFC Top Fit

by Matthew Taylor
Hey Reds! With the new LFC Away and Third jerseys anticipated to arrive at the Anfield Shop in the near future, we wanted to highlight some of our best tips and tricks to help find your perfect fit! It's important to know, the different designs in each jersey results in slight changes in the fit of the jerseys, so it is recommended to follow the below steps before you just order the same jersey size from last season. 
What's the first step to take when looking for your size?
The jerseys all have sizing charts that we measured already to show the difference in the sizing. You can view the measurements in either inches or centimeters.
Is there a difference in sizing between the match and the stadium?
Yes, the sizing is slightly different. Don't worry, we have size charts specific to each one!
Is there a difference in sizing between last year's jerseys and this year's?
Yes, there are slight differences for each jersey.
What is our best tip/trick when finding your jersey size?
If fans already have a jersey that fits perfectly, then to ensure the best fit for this season - take the jersey and lay it face-down on a flat surface and measure armpit to armpit and top of collar to bottom, then compare the measurements to this season's kits size chart.
What if fans want a customized jersey but don't know their size yet?
All jerseys arrive blank from Nike, so if you are unsure of the size to order and are interested in adding a name set, I would highly recommend ordering the jersey blank and trying it on for the fit. You can utilize our send-in option to then have a name set added any time later in the season. 
Can I return a custom jersey if it doesn't fit?
Any additions to jerseys including name sets, patches, or badges are then non-returnable per our guidelines on our Return Policy.


To give you more insight, I'll attach some images of me in both this year's Match and Stadium Home jerseys. For reference, I am 5'9" and wearing a size large in both jerseys. As you may notice, the Match version fits slightly tighter in the front and back compared to the Stadium version. I would describe the Match jersey as more form-fitting. It's important to note that my body type is broader than the average person's. 

If you have any more questions, feel free to reach out to us via our socials or by the contact info on our site. Oh, and don't forget to tag us in your new threads! 🔴

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