Bring A Piece Of Anfield To Your Home

by Matthew Taylor

Unfortunately, us North American Reds are quite a distance away from Anfield. So it might feel like we're disconnected from the club we all know and love. For me, having some of my favorite LFC items around the house helps make me feel closer to the Reds. It's almost like I'm bringing a slice of the famous Anfield to my home. We have a load of items at the shop to help make your space the ultimate Liverpool FC haven. I'll take you through my top 5 LFC items for the home. 

1. LFC This Is Anfield Metal Sign

Every Liverpool fan knows the unmistakable This Is Anfield sign that greets the players before they walk out onto the iconic Anfield pitch. Why not recreate that atmosphere in your living room with your very own This Is Anfield Sign? Better yet, you can feel like your favorite Reds and give that sign a lucky tap before each LFC game!

metal sign

2. Liverpool FC Double Coverless Duvet

Your living room is your Anfield, so it's only natural that your couch should represent Liverpool FC, which means you need a Red blanket to be able to cheer on the lads in comfort. This is also an essential item as we head into the colder months. Those early Premier League mornings can be tough, but I think a cozy duvet waiting for you on your couch will help you make that long trip from your bed to your couch to watch the Reds!


3. Liverpool FC Doormat

What better way to welcome guests and let them know you support the best team in the world than with a Liverpool FC Doormat? The classic light brown color with black LFC details will make this pop and look boss wherever you decide to put it. 


4. Liverpool FC Apron & Oven Glove Set

Why limit your Liverpool devotion to the living room and bedroom? Your kitchen needs some love too! This apron and glove set will give you that pop of iconic Liverpool Red that your kitchen needs. You also get the added practicality that comes with these essential kitchen items. Check out our Kitchen Collection for our full range.

apron set

5. Liverpool FC Pilsner Pint Glass

No Anfield experience is complete without a refreshment break. Set up your own Liverpool-themed bar corner using our glassware and bar accessories. Who knows, you might find your new lucky game day glass that ensures a Reds win! Raise your glass and toast to the team's success, past, present, and future! 


Incorporating Liverpool FC products into your home decor is not just about displaying your love for the team; it's a way to infuse your living space with passion, history, and a sense of belonging. So, bring the spirit of Anfield into your home, reminding you every day of the rich traditions and glorious moments that make Liverpool FC more than just a football club; it's a way of life. You'll never walk alone in your own Liverpool-inspired sanctuary. 🔴 

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Article by Matthew Taylor

Matthew has been with the Anfield Shop since October 2021. Matt loves everything football, and everything Liverpool! He attended Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, where he played football while also achieving an undergraduate degree in Marketing and a master's in Interactive Digital Media & Communications.

Matthew Taylor

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