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  • Official Liverpool Supporters Club Halifax

    Canada’s newest OLSC, LFC Halifax Is the rallying point for all passionate Reds supporters in the Maritimes! Started in 2017, and established as a Gold-level Official Liverpool Supporters Club in 2018, LFC Halifax now has 129 members with over 600 hundred followers on Facebook.
  • Official Liverpool Supporters Club Delaware - Lockdown Edition

    We recently caught up with Official Liverpool Supporters Club Delaware to find out what life in lockdown has been like for them and the OLSC.How have you as a group managed to stay together during this time? It’s been a challenge to stay connected to everybody, we’ve had 3 distinct groups – those who have been reluctant to join the virtual calls, those who...
  • #RedTogether Campaign

    Anfield Shop is proud to present the #RedTogether campaign and we want YOU to get involved! We are hoping to create a video featuring Reds from across North America demonstrating that although we are alone, we are alone together. Want to take part? Here’s how: Take a selfie video of you “getting passed” your favorite LFC shirt from another Red on the RIGHT side...
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