Favorite Quotes of Liverpool's Players: The Words They Live By

by Josh Weiss

There’s nothing quite like avid Liverpool FC fans. They’re passionate and fervent football enthusiasts who:

  • Are sworn enemies with Manchester United and Everton
  • Know every word to the famous “You’ll Never Walk Alone” anthem
  • Admire, already have, or attempt to have a Scouse accent

The best part about Liverpool fans (also called Kopites)? You can’t part this Red Sea.

You’ll be pleased to know that Daniel Craig and LeBron James are some of the most popular Kopites. Nelson Mandela was a fan too. But what makes these fans so ardent?

Liverpool FC have won numerous cups and tournaments, making them an established authority in World football. It’s therefore no secret that Liverpool is the most successful English team in European football history. Betting on Liverpool means betting on success.

So, who’s responsible for this success?

Liverpool players seem to have been born with football in their blood, striving to break records all while enjoying the game. In their pursuit of success, they’ve crafted some of the most memorable quotes in football that reflect their work ethic, beliefs, and passions.

Here are some of our favorite quotes and one-liners from the Reds champions.

1 - Jordan Henderson (#14)

Liverpool FC Jordan Henderson scarf

“You will always be judged as a Liverpool player but, as a captain, you will be judged on what you win, basically. If you’re doing well, and the team is winning everything, you become a very good captain.” - Jordan Henderson

Fact File

Date of Birth: June 17, 1990

Position: Midfielder

Year Signed: 2011

Goals: 33

Of course, we had to begin our list with the captain himself, Jordan Henderson.

Liverpool’s captain since 2015, Henderson is regarded as one of the most successful players in the club’s history. He’s an English player who joins the likes of Steven Gerrard and Phil Thompson in wearing the coveted captain armband. The position was bequeathed to him by Steven Gerrard.

While Gerrard’s captaincy has been lauded as one of Liverpool’s best, Henderson’s leadership style is a suitable match. He’s driven and steps up in his role as captain.

He’s very vocal about pitch issues, and holds everyone involved accountable. Henderson has an insatiable appetite for improvement, and he makes it known to his teammates.

Furthermore, he believes that teamwork makes the dream work and that it takes a collective effort to score every goal. He’s a friend to his teammates both on and off the pitch.

Henderson is a fantastic player too, excelling in the midfield. A tireless runner who covers much ground during matches, his athletic abilities enable him to make winning passes.

We know that being a captain requires tact and leadership qualities, and Henderson has managed to balance both roles perfectly.

Ultimately, Henderson will go down as one of the club’s best captains, and a legend at that.

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pocket-size Henderson figure

2 - Fabinho (#3)

"I like to do the dirty work, to recover balls. But I can also play a bit too, I'm not just a destroyer." - Fabinho

Fact File

Date of Birth: October 23, 1993

Position: Midfielder

Year Signed: 2018

Goals: 11

Shortly after joining Liverpool from AS Monaco, Fabinho Henrique Tavares made the aforementioned statement in an interview. It encapsulates the kind of player Fab is: a tactical defender and dynamic midfielder.

He makes up the team’s spine and is a key player in ensuring the opposition does not penetrate Liverpool’s defense. He can intercept the attacking team’s passes, block their shots, and still make a winning pass.

Fab’s prowess on the pitch earned him a nod from the club’s manager, Jürgen Klopp, who praised him as “the lighthouse, the hoover, all these kinds of things.”

And although Fabinho claims to do the “dirty work,” he hasn’t received any red cards during his time at Liverpool FC.

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3 - Roberto Firmino (#9)

“Liverpool is one of the greats in Europe, and being able to be part of the history of such a great club is gratifying to me.” - Roberto Firmino

Fact File

Date of Birth: October 2, 1991

Position: Forward

Year Signed: 2015

Goals: 108

Roberto “Bobby” Firmino is a fan favorite.

We all know him for his signature goal celebrations like his kung-fu kicks and covered eye, and also his iconic no-look finishes.

Pause and Sing: “There’s something that the Kop want you to know, the best in the world is named Bobby Firmino. Our number 9, give him the ball and he’ll score every time. Si Senor, pass the ball to Bobby and he will score…”

It is clear that this Brazilian forward does not take the opportunity to play for The Reds for granted. His versatility and technical ability are top-notch.

And indeed, he’s been part of Liverpool FC’s history in the FIFA Club World Cup, scoring the final’s winning goal. Bobby has also been an integral part of the Liverpool team that has recently won the FA Cup, EFL Cup, Premier League, and UEFA Champions League.

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4 - Naby Keita (#8)

“Eight is a number I always liked. It's also the number my dad wore when he played football, so it's special to me. I am aware that it's a big number here at Liverpool, and I am very excited to wear it.” - Naby Keita

Fact File

Date of Birth: February 10, 1995

Position: Central midfielder

Year Signed: 2018

Goals: 11

The Liverpool legends who donned the number “8” on their shirts include Emlyn Hughes and Sammy Lee. Other popular number 8s in football history are Gennaro Gattuso (AC Milan), Toni Kroos (Real Madrid), Frank Lampard (Chelsea), and Andres Iniesta (Barcelona).

Naby Laye Keita is a Guinean footballer who plays as a central midfielder for Liverpool. He was entrusted with the number 8 shirt by the club upon his entry. It had previously been worn by Georginio Wijnaldum and legend Steven Gerrard, who left for LA Galaxy in 2015.

This shirt is worn by central midfielders whose role in the game is to attack and defend.

Indeed, it appears that the number 8 works in Naby’s favor, seeing as he was signed to Liverpool in 2018 and scored the opening goal in their game with Monterrey during the Club World Cup final on December 18, 2019.

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5 - Mohamed Salah (#11)

Liverpool FC Mohamed Salah poster 22-23

“For an Egyptian like me, to have entered into the world of professional football, it just means that nothing is impossible.” - Mohamed Salah

Fact File

Date of Birth: June 15, 1992

Position: Forward

Year Signed: 2017

Goals: 178

Regarded as one of the best players in the world, Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah has numerous accomplishments under his belt, including:

  • He’s in Liverpool’s top ten all-time scorers list.
  • He has three Premier League Golden Boots and is Liverpool’s Premier League Top Scorer.
  • He is the quickest player to reach 50 goals in Liverpool's history.

It’s obvious that Mo Salah is a top goal-scorer. And, undoubtedly, he has been known to have some of the most iconic celebration styles. If you love our Egyptian King’s unique postures, purchase this intricately designed resin statue.

Mo Salah is the most followed African (and footballer) on Instagram. He’s a great influence on many young aspiring footballers in Egypt. Still, he’s never forgotten his roots and continues to be a role model and a ray of hope. If he could make it, they can too.

His popularity can be attributed to his authentic sincerity. He’s kind, generous, and humble. For instance, in 2018, he handed over his man-of-the-match award to teammate James Milner because he felt he was a “more worthy recipient.”

Fun Fact: Salah's genuine passion for the game goes back to his childhood. He used to play Liverpool on the FIFA PlayStation as Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso.

Mohamed Salah resin statue showing his signature celebration of two fingers in the air

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Now that you know what motivates these five players to play the way they do, we’ve summarized their unique styles in this table:

Player Player Profile
Jordan Henderson Dynamic box-to-box midfielder with excellent passing range
Fabinho Agile defensive midfielder with good distribution
Roberto Firmino Skilled striker with an impressive work rate and pressing ability
Naby Keita Energetic midfielder with strong dribbling skills
Mohamed Salah Tactical winger and striker who can score from range and in the box

powerful quotes by accomplished players

When aspiring footballers hear about how their mentors overcame challenges along the way, they’re inspired to stay focused. Powerful quotes by accomplished players can motivate the next generation of greats.

But most importantly, these quotes reveal the players’ personalities and the mindsets that help them win.

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