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Liverpool and Manchester: A Tale of Two Cities

Liverpool and Manchester: A Tale of Two Cities

by Randy Villarba

T’was the best of times, t’was the worst of times… it was the age of Brendan Rodgers and Roberto Martinez, it was the age of David Moyes and Manuel Pellegrini. It was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity. It was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness. It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair. We had everything before us at the end of the season, we had nothing before us at the beginning. We were all going direct to a heaven we have not seen in 24 years, we were all going direct the other way.  In short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest Kopites insisted on its being received. For Liverpool or for Manchester, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

It was a season that made us dream. A few weeks back, Liverpool FC fans thought we were going to win the league. Anfield was a choir of blind confidence and faith. We felt the emotion, the energy… After 24 years, on the anniversary of Hillsborough, everything was supposed to be lining up. But now… down the road at Manchester, they are singing songs about winning the title.

When LFC dropped the ball, City took it to the box and scored. Many of the pundits have blamed that slip against Chelsea. Others the stumble with Crystal Palace down the stretch. You could rewind the tape to the Christmas gift we gave Hull. I blame no one. Even though we did not win the league, this season was still a success. The trophy may be vaulted down the road, and the songs of the other city may reign this off season. But at least it isn’t being celebrated at Old Trafford. Congratulations to Manchester City… we will see you in New York this summer at Yankee Stadium. Liverpool FC hits the United States in a Summer pre-season tour with matches in Boston, Charlotte, Chicago and NYC for the International Champions Cup.

Brendan Rodgers was awarded the League Managers Association’s Manager of the Year Award for guiding LFC to second. Luis Suarez is, and remains a solid foundation to the Liverpool squad. The support of the fans, manager and players behind him have pretty much put the fire out on his preseason desires to force LFC out of his contract. Add Daniel Sturridge into the fold and we watched the birth of one of the most prolific duos in the game today in SAS. We are a legitimate contender for the title next season, no question.

Finishing second in league means we overachieved the aim for fourth. We are Champions League bound ladies and gents. We may have not lifted the title… but we did raise our confidence and expectations. We are not aiming for 4th place next year. We are aiming for silverware. We are aiming for trophies. We are aiming to win the league. This season Liverpool got its swagger back. We go again next season. We are Liverpool tra la la la la…

You’ll Never Walk Alone!

Randy Villarba
Anfield Shop Wordsmith

LFC Takes Over The Princess Pub

The CA Kop Choir Invades Little Italy

LFC Takes Over The Princess Pub

Walk on... walk on... with hope in your heart.

The CA Kop Choir Invades Little Italy
by Randy Villarba

“We’re going to win the league” chants echoed off the walls of The Princess Pub in Little Italy before, during and long after Liverpool’s thrashing of Tottenham on match day. Six matches to go, but there is certainly something magical around LFC supporters right now. LFC California (@LFC_CA) from the LA/OC area took a festive coach trip down the I-5 to visit San Diego. Everyone was singing like we were all on The Kop. Coutinho, Gerrard and Suarez chants, The Fields at Anfield Road and of course… You’ll Never Walk Alone. Little Italy knew that LFC took over the pub.

Some of us were having breakfast and coffee, most of us were having pints and shots. It could have been the caffeine, or it could have been the alcohol. More than likely it was the 4 to nil dismantling of Tottenham. Much like anywhere there was a Liverpool supporter on Sunday, the place shook like a California earthquake. The crowd erupted when the final whistle blew, both on the television as well as inside the pub. Well after the match had ended, the LFC supporters were chanting just as solid as when the bus first pulled up to the pub. Thank you Brian and everyone at LFC California for showing San Diego what it means to support a real club. If you are ever in the Los Angeles or Orange County areas, you have to watch a match with these hooligans. Find them on twitter at @LFC_CA

Rodgers’ post game interview was on the television. We all sang the Brendan Rodgers chant. They put the league table up on the television again, the pub cheered again. Top of the table ladies and gentlemen. The supporters at the Princess Pub in Little Italy were jumping up and down, arms pumping as they sang along to the songs we all sing in our hearts. The energy in the pub was palpable. Six games in hand, masters of our own fate. Win out and we lift the title. We can feel the energy emanating from the red side of the Merseyside all the way here in California. Can you? After Sunday’s match at The Princess Pub with LFC California, if the lads can hold the form they’re displaying right now, I can’t help but keep singing along to the melody of “we’re going to win the league…”

Randy Villarba

Who is this is?
My name is Randy Villarba, I am a writer and the local wordsmith for The Anfield Shop here in San Diego, CA. I wasn’t born a Scouser, I was baptized one later in life. From the west side of the USA, I follow our football club on the west side of the UK with passion. When I lived in England, I lived in the shadow of Highbury. We lived in North London and my home stay mom was from Liverpool. Her daughter was dating an Arsenal hooligan. The passion within that household ran the passion of football and Liverpool FC straight into my veins.

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