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Shall we play a game?


Since there is no on-field action to discuss and break down with you all, id like to play a game. Let’s play: You can only have one or YCOHO for short.

The rules are:
1. You can only have one
2. You can’t have both
3. You can’t have neither

Here goes, You can only have one:
1. 12 goals from Steven Gerrard in the upcoming ’11-’12 premier league campaign
2. Load Wayne Rooney into a cannon, and shoot him into the English channel


1. Everton to finish Above Liverpool on the Premier league table
2. Having to give Alex Ferguson a sponge bath

Which will it be?

Expect more of these to come in the future, and the decisions will be become more and more difficult 🙂

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Season’s over, but the deals aren’t!

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On a personal note, I turn 30 today which makes me reflect a little of course…. Working this blog and twitter for all the Liverpool supporters I have come in contact with has been the greatest “working” experience of my life. I hope to have a conversation with all of you at some point. Merchandising in footy pubs has also been a blast as well. Many things are going on behind the scenes to make next season ever better than the first. We even rented our first billboard! (pictures to come soon)

Hope you have an excellent summer, but keep checking often, as well at the Blog.


Monday Super Sale!

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And the beat goes on!

Another Liverpool match? Must mean another clean sheet and a barrage of goals.

A goal early in the first half put the Reds ahead, and a PK goal from Kuyt and a well placed strike from Suarez slammed the door shut on Newcastle United.

Man of the match? I think most everyone is in agreement that the Anfield Shop imaginary cape of excellence goes to Luis Suarez. Constantly putting pressure on the NUFC defense. Scoring once, and also taking the penalty that lead to Kuyt’s goal also.

Monday’s match against Fulham at Craven cottage now becomes a bit of a trap game with maybe some wandering eyes looking forward to the match against Tottenham. It intrigues this blogger greatly to see how our boys come out in a road game against a middle of the table team that doesn’t have much to play for in it’s remaining matches this year.

Red Drum

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Chooo! Chooo!

I’ve got a lot on my mind lately about our Liverpool FC, and I wanted to ask my loyal readers what you guys think, as you could provide some additional insight.

Question #1. Does Manchester United winning their 19th Premier league title matter?

My Answer: Well, yes and no. I think it doesn’t really matter for the fact that ManUTD and other top teams are having a down year, and they are by most people standards winning by not only having the most points, but mostly because nobody else can take advantage of their mediocre form since the holiday break. And with my rose colored glasses on, I think that Liverpool will become an immediate title contender next year, and tie things up at 19 🙂


Why It does matter? It’s because they can help us get into Europe if they can knock off some of the teams that we need to gain ground on for qualification. And if Getting into Europe next year means the Red Devils win the premiership, then I’m mostly okay with it.

Question #2 Can we still qualify for the Champions league?


My Answer: Absolutely yes! I am driving the dare to dream express, and I reserved a front row seat just for you! Yes I know the teams above us have to stumble, but have you seen our form lately? I don’t think anyone wants to play us right now, ESPECIALLY at Anfield

Question #3 Simple question, complicated answer. Where does Dirk Kuyt stand in terms of his Liverpool legacy?

I want to see your answers to the above questions in the comments below. Have a fantastic Tuesday night!

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Monday! Monday! Monday! And the introduction of the Super Sale Item…

Another weekly piece on your favorite LFC blog that I’d like to unveil today is Product Mondays.

Each and every Monday I will spotlight a particular item from that will either be specially discounted for readers of this blog. New and sale items will also be under the spotlight as well.

So let’s kick things off! Let the world know that where you park is reserved for members of the LFC family ONLY; Be it a truck, van, car, or bike
LFC Sign
Official Liverpool FC Fan Parking Only Sign

Don’t let any blues or red devils take your space! While supplies last.