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liverpool fc, liverpool, lfc, training wear, warrior

Liverpool FC Training Wear On Sale

liverpool fc, liverpool, lfc, training wear, warrior

Throwing on the Liverpool training wear when you are headed out to the gym or for your daily run puts me into the mindset of training like a champion. Or on those NetFlix and Amazon Prime days, they are also pretty comfy while loafing on the couch. Whether it be couch or training, show your Liverpool pride. The Anfied Shop is having a sale on official Liverpool FC training wear.

Authentic Liverpool FC training wear is apparel that recognizes your drive to succeed. The elite Training Range line was created by Warrior Sports, especially for Liverpool Football Club fans. It’s cool in so many ways, from unique looks to innovative fabrics. Choose from a variety of high performance red, white and black gear. Embroidered emblems proclaim your team allegiance. Official Liverpool Football Club gear for soccer training pays homage to team history, while also offering sleek, stylish looks. See our complete selection of LFC soccer jackets, sweatpants, polos, t-shirts and more. Enjoy breathable shorts, active fit pants or color contrast hoodies. And the Warrior gear comes in adult and junior sizes. You can suit up for play in apparel that honors both your team and your personal victories. Our LFC soccer shop brings British football to American fields with Liverpool home kits and training clothes.

Browse LFC Training Wear such as LFC Shorts, Jerseys, and More at The Anfield Shop

Make a strategic move to browse LFC training wear, such as Liverpool Football Club shorts, jerseys, and more. You’ll enjoy outstanding values! The competition can begin when you’re wearing LFC red cotton tees, red club sweaters or white Liverpool training jerseys. The details make the difference. Choose from comfortable shirts, moisture managing shorts and well-constructed pants that add interest with piping, blocks and panels. Carry on customs in modern designs. We’ve also got Liverpool FC away jerseys and other official clothing. So why not take advantage of exciting LFC training apparel and fast order fulfillment? Even avoid international shipping rates. Shop online now for the best Liverpool FC training wear, including football jerseys, shorts, jackets and more!


Top 10 LFC Merchandise Suggestions

I know the 2014-2015 Liverpool campaign has started pretty rough out of the gate, for the EPL, League Cup, and after today’s match… you can include the European Champions League into that slow start. But we stand by our team and pick each other up when the times are tough. We are Liverpool. Chin up. We are still second in our group in the ECL. We have seen rougher days than this. This team has given us many reasons to smile and I am sure more are around the corner.

Something that always gives a Liverpool fan a smile, is when they see another Liverpool fan showing their support of LFC. When you see a Liverpool crest as you’re at the grocery store… or driving down the road and see a bumper sticker, you feel that common thread that ties us all together like family. We here at The Anfield Shop have 10 LFC items to show your solidarity behind the squad.

Liverpool LFC Baby Bodysuits

1. Official Liverpool FC Baby Home Kit Bodysuits

You might as well start them young. We could always use more supporters for LFC’s choir of supporters. This Official Liverpool FC Baby Home Kit Bodysuits 2 pack comes with both home and away kits for your little LFC fans.

Liverpool LFC Coffee Mug Tea

2. Official Liverpool FC Jumbo Tag Mug

Whether you are getting your day started at home or having that refresher coffee or tea at the office, you might as well make a statement of who you support with a Liverpool FC Jumbo Tag Mug so everyone knows who you support.

Liverpool FC, LFC, moneyclip

3. Official Liverpool FC Money Clip

Instead of carrying around that bulky wallet, simplify while making a sleek and elegant statement with this Official Liverpool FC Money Clip. Not too flashy, stainless steel with LFC and the bird engraved.

Liverpool FC, LFC, Wallet

4. Official Liverpool FC Victory Nylon Wallet

Ok… so you are not the money clip type. We got you. The Anfield Shop has an Official Liverpool FC Victory Nylon Wallet. It fastens together with a snap button and even has a zipper pocket to keep things extra secure.

Liverpool FC, Liverpool, LFC, Cooler

5. Official Liverpool FC 12-Pack Drinks Cooler

If you are headed over to a friend’s house for the match, out to a tailgate, beach or park and you need to keep your beer and beverages cold, you might as well pick up this Liverpool FC 12-Pack Drinks Cooler. It also works well for keeping groceries cool when you run errands across town.

Liverpool, Liverpool FC, LFC, Hoody, Hoodie, sweatshirt, pullover

6. Official Liverpool FC Slugger Pullover Hoodie

Some of those AM games are cold on the way to the pub… or even rolling out of bed. The Liverpool FC Slugger Pullover Hoodie will keep you warm. The hoodie has the LFC crest across the chest, so your allegiance is boldly proclaimed. It is a lighter hoodie, in a more casual tone of red and the crest is printed with a vintage distressed screen print.

keep off the lawn, keep off the grass, liverpool, liverpool fc, LFC

7. Liverpool FC “Keep Off the Pitch” Garden Sign

If you want to keep those neighborhood kids or mail carrier off your lawn or garden, why not let them know that where they are stepping is hallowed ground with this Liverpool FC “Keep Off the Pitch” Garden Sign.

LFC, Liverpool FC, Liverpool, gnome, garden gnome

8. Official Liverpool FC Mini Gnome

Speaking of gardens… no garden or lawn is truly watched over unless you have a Liverpool FC Mini Gnome watching over like the Anfield groundskeepers. This LFC gnome is sure to amuse anyone when they see him waving the Liverpool flag proudly.

Liverpool, LFC, Liverpool FC, Crest, You'll Never Walk Alone, YNWA

9. Liverpool FC Crest Decal Sticker

If you are out on the avenues and highways, you might as well let the rest of the commute know that you support LFC with this Official Liverpool FC Crest Decal Sticker. You’ll get smiles and friendly gestures from other LFC fans. You might get other gestures and reactions from supporters of other clubs.

Liverpool, LFC, Liverpool FC, Golf, Golf set, links

10. Official Liverpool FC Executive Golf Gift Set

Are you hitting the links? Why not show your Liverpool pride at the club with this Official Liverpool FC Executive Golf Gift Set. It comes complete with  2 Ball markers, 6 Wooden tees, a Divot tool and a Marker pen.

Where have you been watching the matches lately? The Anfield Shop wants to see your photos via Social Media. Tag us at @AnfieldShop & @AnfieldShopBlog plus use the hashtag #AnfieldShop

You’ll Never Walk Alone,

Randy Villarba
Anfield Shop Wordsmith

For Liverpool Fans. By Liverpool Fans.

Liverpool LFC License plate frame anfieldshop

You’ll Never Drive Alone With LFC Car Accessories

Liverpool LFC License plate frame anfieldshop

It is starting to happen with more frequency, but you know that feeling you get when you see a Liverpool FC jersey walking down the street or through town? Let’s make that happen on our freeways, highways and city streets. The Anfield Shop just received a new selection of LFC Car Accessories.  We have a wide selection of Liverpool FC air fresheners, bumper stickers, decals, license plate frames and even a baby on board sign if you have a new LFC fan to the world.

This is of course in addition to our existing stock of LFC Car Accessories like magnets and stickers. Show your support of Liverpool FC on your local highways and byways. You’ll get the supportive smiles from your LFC family wherever you go. Granted you may get a few Arsenal, Chelsea, Citeh or United fans high beaming or cutting you off.

We have Tottenham tomorrow. Where are you going to be watching the match? The pub? Your house on the couch? Maybe rolling over to grab the remote and flipping on the television from your bed. Here in San Diego, we’ll be knocking down bangers, mash and beers at Princess Pub in Little Italy as always. Wherever you are, have a great Labor Day Weekend everyone. Here’s to three points against Tottenham. So stoked to see Super Mario line up on the pitch. Do you think he scores in his debut? I do. On Sunday… we go again.

You’ll Never Walk Alone,

Randy Villarba
Anfield Shop Wordsmith

For Liverpool Fans. By Liverpool Fans.

Official Liverpool FC Toys, Free Santa Hats, and more!

Hi everyone,

Well, it’s about 2 weeks until Christmas, and we’re busy, busy, busy at the Anfield Shop!  Remember, you still have plenty of time to get your holiday orders in, so go online today to place your order today!

This time of year always makes me think back to when I was a kid, and I couldn’t wait until I opened my favorite game or toy on Christmas day.  The  Anfield Shop has a huge selection of toys and games for children of all ages!  Speaking of games, did you know we stock several different types of games?   We have Liverpool FC UNO, Official Liverpool FC Playing Cards and even a Liverpool FC Poker Set.  We even have an official Liverpool scooter!!   For those of you who might be bear collectors, we have the Official 11/12 Season Liverpool FC Bear.  In addition, the bear has several different outfits to choose from.  There are also darts, stickers and my personal favorite – a Liverpool Mr. Potato Head!!  What collector wouldn’t love one of those?  The shop has a rubber duck, official coin banks and more!  Be sure to look at the website to see all of the games and toys that the Anfield shop has in stock – we have something for everyone!

The special of $20 off every $100 order goes until the end of the year, so get those orders in before this expires (using code holidays)!  Also, for those of you reading this blog, if you place an order and write “santablog” in the discount box, we’ll send you a Liverpool Santa hat as our holiday gift to you!  Just spend $10.  Good as supplies last and new purchases only!

I hope everyone has a great holiday!





Seven Short Days!!!

It is only SEVEN short days until Liverpool FC takes the safety off and starts off the new season under King Kenny Dalglish.

In honor of the last seven days before our first game against Sunderland, we will pay tribute to our current number seven: Luis Alberto Suarez

Mighty Reds fans only had about a half season with “El Pistolero.” Now we get to see what he can do during a full season, and some summer transfers that were brought in can only help extrapolate his immense footballing talents.


Enjoy nearly 3 minutes of some Suarez appreciation!

Here’s to hoping that the greatest number seven ever to wear a Reds kit can deploy Luis en route to player of the year honors!


Want to party with other like minded football fans to kick off the start of the English Premier League season? Well then you are in luck! In SIX short days is hosting an EPL kickoff party at THE home of soccer in the South Sound Doyle’s Public House We’ll have a raffle with autographed memorabilia, drink specials and be showing the 2005 UEFA champions league final on a giant outdoor screen!

Details here:

Weekly deal is here again!

The weekly deal brings you discounts on the Liverpool FC gear that you can’t possibly live without. On the heels of the previous weekly deal which was an amazing King Kenny scarf we bring you the next discounted item your LFC swag collection is missing.


The Official Liverpool FC Indoor Telson Ball is now discounted at 25% off of $14.00 which makes it only $10.50 USD. What can you buy for $10.50 these days? Not much, it hardly buys a slap in the face in most countries.

This indoor ball is perfect for a kick about in the backyard, schoolyard, or even your living room. Much softer than a regulation football it won’t crash through a window, knock over a TV, or even hurt your little niece or nephew instead bouncing right off. The ball takes air to become inflated, but is similar to a NERF type ball and has the greatest club crest in the world on it.

So capitalize on that one week of summer each year and pick up The Official Liverpool FC Indoor Telson Ball and have a friendly game of football outside in the yard, or even at the beach. I personally have one of these and it is great fun for indoors and out.

Order yours today! 25% off won’t last forever.

Meet the Newest Reds

With the exception of the team that plays at Old Trafford, Liverpool FC has been seemingly been the most active Premier League team in the transfer window. We already met Jordan Henderson in an earlier blog, let’s meet all our additions since then.

Charlie Adam:
CharlieCharlie Adam has long been a LFC transfer target, a heavily rumored addition in the past January transfer window and beyond. The Blackpool captain could not save the Tangerines from relegation this past campaign with Blackpool only amassing 39 points and finishing 19th on the league table.

Blackpool being relegated was not Charlie Adam’s doing. Adam was tied for the clubs lead in goals in all competitions with 12 coming in the premiership and 1 coming in cup play. Here is the Adam bio in short

Full name: Charles Graham Adam
Nationality : Scottish
DOB: December 10th 1985
Previous club: Blackpool
Position: Midfielder, Set piece taker, penalty kick guru
Possible Liverpool FC role: Distributing midfielder possible missing Xabi Alonso link? Option 1-b set piece taker if Gerrard is not on the field.
Expected number of starts: 35+
Goal outlook: 10-12
Who does he replace in the current starting 11: Meireles? Lucas? Spearing? Too early to tell, but he probably has his starting place on lock at the start of the year

Stewart Downing:

Stewart Downing is the second Aston Villa winger to leave Villa Park with Ashley Young joining United earlier in the current transfer window. Stewart had long been a necessary addition for LFC. King Kenny desperately has needed improved wing play to stretch the field and improved crosses to the box, and Stewart brings that dimension to the field.

Aston Villa had a roller coaster season falling close to the relegation zone, and then putting all fears to rest with a run of good form with a couple of months of play left. Here is the bio:

Full name: Stewart Downing (Middle name is unknown?)
Nationality: English
DOB: July 22, 1984
Previous club: Aston Villa
Position: Left Winger, but capable of playing right
Possible Liverpool FC Role: Immediately improves wing play. Primary supplier to Carroll and Suarez
Expected number of starts: 35+
Goal forecast: 5-8
Who does he replace in the current starting 11: Maxi Rodgriguez? Dirk Kuyt? I think if he replaces Kuyt we can move him to his natural striking position.

Alexander Doni

Alexander Doni fills a need that current Liverpool goalies that are not Pepe Reina fulfill. A quality backup option with first team experience.

Reds fans may not be entirely familiar with Alexander Doni, but if fate deals us a cruel injury blow, Doni will be able to hold down the fort while Pepe recovers. He was the first team choice for Brazil in the 2007 Copa America and lead them to winning the tournament. bio:

Full name: Donieber Alexander Marangon
Nationality: Brazilian
DOB: October 22, 1979
Previous club: Roma
Position: Goalkeeper
Expected number of starts: Less than five
Goal forecast: Nil
Who does he replace in the starting 11: Nobody. Maybe gives Reina a rest a few times this year, but the less we see of him, the better.

Credit to for contributing.

What else do the boys from Merseyside still need? A center/left back? A backup striking option? In all likelihood deals for all these positions and more are probably in the works. Who do you prefer?

Have you taken advantage of the weekly deal yet? Get this awesome King Kenny Scarf for 25% off the original price! This deal won’t last forever people, get yours now!

The Weekly Deal Is Back!

After a brief hiatus, the weekly deal is back with a vengeance. 25% off awesome Liverpool FC items for the masses.

Need an excuse to add to your Liverpool FC scarf collection? Well here it is folks, 25% off our stellar King Kenny scarf.

If you can’t wear a different LFC scarf for every day of the month, you clearly do not have enough scarves in your wardrobe. Let this be the second, sixth, or twenty fifth addition, We won’t judge.

Kenny Dalglish has revitalized Liverpool FC as manager and you can pay tribute to him by wearing the scarf that bears his name, all for only $13.50 which is 25% off. One step above a five finger discount.

This scarf looks excellent on it’s own, but also pairs very nicely with the Red New Era Liverbird Ballcap for those crisp fall mornings that are fast approaching.

supplies are limited