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New Official Liverpool T-Shirts At The Anfield Shop

Here at The Anfield Shop we work hard to keep bringing you the latest and newest official merchandise for Liverpool FC. We keep our selection of official Liverpool merchandise fresh, with new arrivals every day. That is something that no other club is doing for their North American fans scouring the internet for their club’s merchandise. Our latest arrivals of official t-shirts will keep your love for LFC casual, yet stylish as you walk around town. In honor of our captain Steven Gerrard, here are the top 8 newest official Liverpool FC t-shirts now available at The Anfield Shop.

8. Official Liverpool FC Icon T-shirt

7. Liverpool FC Way T-shirt

6. Liverpool FC Wordmark T-shirt

5. Liverpool Pennant T-shirt

Official Liverpool FC Pennant T-Shirt

4. Steven Gerrard Collection Limited Edition T-shirt

Official Liverpool FC Steven Gerrard Collection Limited Edition T-Shirt

 3. Liverpool FC Ladies Stripe Shirt

Official Liveprool FC Ladies Stripe T-Shirt

2. Liverpool FC Grey Wolf T-shirt

Official Liverpool FC Grey Wolf T-Shirt

1. Steven Gerrard Celebration T-shirt

Official Liverpool FC Steven Gerrard Celebration T-Shirt

After our 2-1 victory over Manchester City the top 4 is within our reach. Today we go again as we play hosts to Burnley FC at Anfield in order to stretch our unbeaten run to 12 matches in the league. Do you think Liverpool FC will finish in the top 4, or even 3 or higher if the rest of the league leaders continue to slip up? Let us know via Social Media by tagging us at @AnfieldShop & @AnfieldShopBlog plus use the hashtag #AnfieldShop

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For Liverpool Fans. By Liverpool Fans.

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Liverpool FC Training Wear On Sale

liverpool fc, liverpool, lfc, training wear, warrior

Throwing on the Liverpool training wear when you are headed out to the gym or for your daily run puts me into the mindset of training like a champion. Or on those NetFlix and Amazon Prime days, they are also pretty comfy while loafing on the couch. Whether it be couch or training, show your Liverpool pride. The Anfied Shop is having a sale on official Liverpool FC training wear.

Authentic Liverpool FC training wear is apparel that recognizes your drive to succeed. The elite Training Range line was created by Warrior Sports, especially for Liverpool Football Club fans. It’s cool in so many ways, from unique looks to innovative fabrics. Choose from a variety of high performance red, white and black gear. Embroidered emblems proclaim your team allegiance. Official Liverpool Football Club gear for soccer training pays homage to team history, while also offering sleek, stylish looks. See our complete selection of LFC soccer jackets, sweatpants, polos, t-shirts and more. Enjoy breathable shorts, active fit pants or color contrast hoodies. And the Warrior gear comes in adult and junior sizes. You can suit up for play in apparel that honors both your team and your personal victories. Our LFC soccer shop brings British football to American fields with Liverpool home kits and training clothes.

Browse LFC Training Wear such as LFC Shorts, Jerseys, and More at The Anfield Shop

Make a strategic move to browse LFC training wear, such as Liverpool Football Club shorts, jerseys, and more. You’ll enjoy outstanding values! The competition can begin when you’re wearing LFC red cotton tees, red club sweaters or white Liverpool training jerseys. The details make the difference. Choose from comfortable shirts, moisture managing shorts and well-constructed pants that add interest with piping, blocks and panels. Carry on customs in modern designs. We’ve also got Liverpool FC away jerseys and other official clothing. So why not take advantage of exciting LFC training apparel and fast order fulfillment? Even avoid international shipping rates. Shop online now for the best Liverpool FC training wear, including football jerseys, shorts, jackets and more!


Sing Loud LFC! Daniel Sturridge Returns! REVISED: Oh Wait… One More Month

(This article was written before the announcement that Daniel Sturridge will be out another month with a calf strain…. ughhh… I apologize getting excited about Sturridge’s return. I have revised the article with the new injury update. His injury was my fault for celebrating too soon… or Roy Hodgson’s… I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.)

Sing his name so it echoes off the rafters of the stadium, pub or living room you are catching this weekend’s match at, Daniel Sturridge rises again. The possible return of Liverpool striker Sturridge against Queen Park Rangers tomorrow is like rolling out the muscle car you have been working on for weeks to cherry out. LFC took the new Sturridge led team for a run around the practice track… it had to be towed back in the garage for a calf injury.

Hopefully Sturridge’s eventual return is the final piece to the goal scoring engine that LFC needs to return back to their title challenging form. Liverpool fans feel like the title bus has been sitting parked in the garage since last season, and are ready to get back to the goal scoring confidence and attractive football we were all getting used to seeing from our boys.

In honor of this weekend’s return to action we’ve got a new promo code. Take $10 off any purchase of $50 or more. Use code ‘Take10’. Ends on Saturday October 18th.

“We’ll have to see where he is at tomorrow and go from there,” Liverpool boss, Brendan Rodgers said to reporters.

“He’s been out a long time, nearly six weeks.”

“Daniel has made us a real threat and when you take him out of the team the model of your game is different,” said Rodgers.

“But when he is playing he is one of the top European strikers. It’s important for him to be playing games.”

Sadly, Sturridge is not going to be back for some time. We were hoping that the return of our main hitman would free up Mario Balotelli, so he can break his Premier League duck. Balotelli has scored in the Champions League, but not in the EPL. It will be a rough go, as recent reports in the last hour now say Sturridge will be out for another month, after suffering a calf strain in his first session back since his thigh injury.

“If it was my choice, I would always go with two strikers. It’s the way I like to play,” Balotelli said in Sport Magazine.

“But I am working, and I can see already that the Liverpool fans really like me, although I know that maybe they are a little upset because I don’t score. I see they appreciate that I am working hard, though,which is nice for me.”

The roller coaster of the international break is over. Let’s leave the Roy Hodgson discussion for the next time our boys report to international duty. Tomorrow… against QPR… #WeGoAgain

What do you think of Balotelli’s chances of breaking his EPL duck? Let us know at the Anfield Shop via Social Media by tagging us at @AnfieldShop & @AnfieldShopBlogplus use the hashtag #AnfieldShop

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Weekly deal is here again!

The weekly deal brings you discounts on the Liverpool FC gear that you can’t possibly live without. On the heels of the previous weekly deal which was an amazing King Kenny scarf we bring you the next discounted item your LFC swag collection is missing.


The Official Liverpool FC Indoor Telson Ball is now discounted at 25% off of $14.00 which makes it only $10.50 USD. What can you buy for $10.50 these days? Not much, it hardly buys a slap in the face in most countries.

This indoor ball is perfect for a kick about in the backyard, schoolyard, or even your living room. Much softer than a regulation football it won’t crash through a window, knock over a TV, or even hurt your little niece or nephew instead bouncing right off. The ball takes air to become inflated, but is similar to a NERF type ball and has the greatest club crest in the world on it.

So capitalize on that one week of summer each year and pick up The Official Liverpool FC Indoor Telson Ball and have a friendly game of football outside in the yard, or even at the beach. I personally have one of these and it is great fun for indoors and out.

Order yours today! 25% off won’t last forever.

Item of the week is back!

LFC TowelAre you headed for a sunny summer holiday? Or maybe weekend at the beach? Or just catching a few rays in your yard, or just need a new towel for drying off after a shower. Any of these things require a towel. And if you need a towel, why not get one from the world famous L4 Range from Liverpool FC? Measures approximately 60″ x 30″ which means it covers pretty much everyone except Shrek.

For one glorious week will be offering this excellent beach necessity for only $18.75 which is 25% off the regular price. Go head and try and find it cheaper anywhere. We already looked, and you can’t. Order one today! Don’t miss any sun or waves without it!

Monday Super Sale Item!

It’s Monday folks, and you know what that means, right? One white hot deal on an awesome item from us at the Anfield Shop!

The Official Liverpool FC Retro Bar Scarf is now only $9.60 (40% off the regular price)!

Retro Scarf Liverpool

Support The Reds in retro style with this scarf. Winter hasn’t let go quite yet, so throw this scarf on in the morning on your way to work. This is the exact same scarf shown on the NBC show “Community.”

This scarf at under $10 isn’t going to last long, so you had better jump on this deal quickly. Take advantage of our best Monday deal yet!

Chooo! Chooo!

I’ve got a lot on my mind lately about our Liverpool FC, and I wanted to ask my loyal readers what you guys think, as you could provide some additional insight.

Question #1. Does Manchester United winning their 19th Premier league title matter?

My Answer: Well, yes and no. I think it doesn’t really matter for the fact that ManUTD and other top teams are having a down year, and they are by most people standards winning by not only having the most points, but mostly because nobody else can take advantage of their mediocre form since the holiday break. And with my rose colored glasses on, I think that Liverpool will become an immediate title contender next year, and tie things up at 19 🙂


Why It does matter? It’s because they can help us get into Europe if they can knock off some of the teams that we need to gain ground on for qualification. And if Getting into Europe next year means the Red Devils win the premiership, then I’m mostly okay with it.

Question #2 Can we still qualify for the Champions league?


My Answer: Absolutely yes! I am driving the dare to dream express, and I reserved a front row seat just for you! Yes I know the teams above us have to stumble, but have you seen our form lately? I don’t think anyone wants to play us right now, ESPECIALLY at Anfield

Question #3 Simple question, complicated answer. Where does Dirk Kuyt stand in terms of his Liverpool legacy?

I want to see your answers to the above questions in the comments below. Have a fantastic Tuesday night!

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