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Anfield Shop 2018/19 Winner Tips

“It was my first season playing FPL fantasy (though I have years of experience in other fantasy sports). Aspects of my strategy changed over the course of the season but, for the most part, my general template was to focus my budget on the midfield and find value in cheaper assets in defense and forwards. I got a lot of helpful information from the r/FantasyPL subreddit to help guide my decisions. Ultimately, I went with my gut and came out lucky more often than not. I chose to own Sterling early in the season when he had around 10% ownership and captained him when he scored a 21-pointer. I wildcarded early and got Hazard in right before he went off in the early gameweeks. Owning Salah and Robertson for the majority of the season worked out well also. With all that said, I never expected to finish in the top 6k!”

For winning the 2018/19 Premier League Fantasy Football league, we sent Connor a Liverpool FC New Balance 2019/20 Men’s Home Jersey.

“The Anfield Shop league was my focus for the season to try and win and it was a great time trying to beat out the other players. Thank you guys for putting it on and for the awesome top as a prize!”

Tips Connor plays by:

– Make the cheapest bench possible that are nailed-on players (don’t want to leave points on the bench)
– Pick a cheap goalkeeper and set and forget, bench GK choose cheapest option (4.0)
– Never captain a defender. Generally, mids and forwards have highest ceiling
– Strategically play chips – plan ahead for GW blanks and double gameweeks
– Don’t go full template – try and look for differentials, or players that are not highly owned in a certain price point to try and gain rank
– Start your studs – never bench an expensive player, regardless of fixture
– Choose players in attacking roles such as attacking fullbacks/wingbacks and attacking mids (defensive mids and centerbacks aren’t as good of options)

We’re all looking forward to our second year of Fantasy Premier League. Here’s our code: mcc3t5 and let’s have some fun! We’re building a new place for it with a leaderboard on the site and bits on prizes.