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Liverpool FC 2019/20 Premier League Fixtures

08/09: Norwich City (H)
08/17: Southampton (A) 
08/24: Arsenal (H)
08/31: Burnley (A) 

09/14: Newcastle United (H) 
09/21: Chelsea (A) 
09/28: Sheffield United (A) 

10/05: Leicester City (H) 
10/19: Manchester United (A) 
10/26: Tottenham Hotspur (H) 

11/02: Aston Villa (A)
11/09: Manchester City (H) 
11/23: Crystal Palace (A) 
11/30: Brighton and Hove Albion (H) 

12/04: Everton (H) 
12/07: AFC Bournemouth (A) 
12/14: Watford (H) 
12/21: West Ham United (A) 
12/26: Leicester City (A) 
12/28: Wolverhampton Wanderers (H) 

01/01: Sheffield United (H) 
01/11: Tottenham Hotspur (A) 
01/18: Manchester United (H) 
01/21: Wolverhampton Wanderers (A)

02/01: Southampton (H) 
02/08: Norwich City (A) 
02/22: West Ham United (H) 
02/29: Watford (A) 

03/07: AFC Bournemouth (H)
03/14: Everton (A) 
03/21: Crystal Palace (H) 

04/04: Manchester City (A) 
04/11: Aston Villa (H) 
04/18: Brighton and Hove Albion (A)
04/25: Burnley (H) 

05/02: Arsenal (A) 
05/09: Chelsea (H) 
05/17: Newcastle United (A) 

Avery Dennison to supply 2019/20 Premier League names and numbers

What’s new for the upcoming 2019/20 season?  For starters – the Premier League patch is getting a bit of an upgrade with a slightly refreshed design and a change to printed vinyl which should help overall durability and wear.

Avery-Dennison took over as the official supplier for the Premier League patches for both on-pitch and fan wear and here at the shop we only stock the player-versions in our custom shop.

Here’s what they look like: 

 Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the new patch and what is now the old Premier League patch: 

Left: New 2019/20 Premier League patch
Right: Old 2018/19 Premier League patch

Here’s more on Avery Dennison and the new 19/20 Premier League patches: