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Name: OLSC Charlotte
Nickname: The Charlotte Reds, LFCCLT

Matchday Meeting Point: We have grown to 3 locations. Our primary location in “Uptown” Charlotte and 2 satellite locations – one north & one south, to accommodate the large number of Reds in the Charlotte Region:Valhalla Pub and Eatery, 317 S Church St, Charlotte NC 28202 (Primary Home)Crafty Beer Guys,114 S Old Statesville Rd, Huntersville, NC 2807812th Man by Hooligans, 12206 Copper Way Suite 124, Charlotte, NC 28277

Contact: Our Current Executive Committee is comprised of  Carlos Quevedo – President, Levi Anthes – Vice President (until June 30th), Mike Binetti – VP Elect/ Treasurer, Nick Zvanut – Secretary Major Club Roles

Social handles: 
Instagram: @LFCCLT
Twitter: @LFCCLT

What they’re about:
“Are you a Red in North Carolina?” That one question posed on Facebook by Liverpool FC began the journey that would become OLSC Charlotte “The Charlotte Reds”.  People kept mentioning some place called Hooligans in a place called “The French Quarter” as THE place in Charlotte to go watch a match, and the rest is history. 

As of this writing, we have over 150 paid members and many more still that join us every week to cheer on our Mighty Reds. 

Memorable Moments: 
The most memorable moments for us have to be the 2 times the club has visited Charlotte. The fact we got to have so many Reds from around the world here on our city on top of being able to cheer on our team – what could be better?! This last visit was especially memorable for many reasons. Many of us got to meet and take pictures with Sami Hyypiä when they announced the match, one of our members, Jim Pederson (“Sir Jim”) gave Jurgen Klopp one of our scarves (to which Klopp gave one of his EPIC profane responses!), and we got to take a picture with the team in the stands! Then the Boss Night was so rocking the entire Epicentre was literally shaking! People still talk about how Liverpool fans were when the team was here

Match day Breakfast: 
Valhalla has a Warrior’s Omelette that is the perfect option for someone on a keto diet, but their English Breakfast, Swedish Hash and Berserker Breakfast are the top 3 choices for the majority of the match day crowd.

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club?
Until the Barca Return Leg, it was Dortmund at Anfield & it was no contest. The truth is there were more people present for Dortmund than there were Barca…at first. By the time Trent fed Dvok our 4th goal to send us to Madrid, Valhalla was packed & the place went nuts!!! However, in both instances, you had the scenes of grown men overcome with joy, tear rolling down their face, and strangers who had never paid attention to soccer/football before staring in awe finally realizing why we loved this sport AND this club so much. (I’m pretty sure we also had a dramatic spike in alcohol sales for the home pub, but that’s just based on anecdotal observation).

Written by LFC Charlotte.

Interested in finding out more about LFC Charlotte or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!

Social handles: 
Instagram: @LFCCLT
Twitter: @LFCCLT

Jersey Presale FAQ

Q: When will my order ship?

A: All retailers aren’t allowed to ship product until the worldwide release date of May 9th.  All preorders will ship complete with any other products in the order on or around May 9th.

Q: Can I add patches?

A: Yes but with so much to play for this season and the supplier changing to a new company we are waiting to determine which patches will be used next season before adding them as an option.  Our in-house custom shop can always add name and numbers in addition to patches at a later date.  Our jerseys are the Premier League version of the jerseys and feature the Western Union (WU) patch on the left sleeve.  In the Champions League the jerseys will not feature the WU patch but it is unknown at this time if we will be able to stock the Champions League version of the jerseys.

Q: Tell me everything you know about lettering!

A: The same jerseys will be worn in in the Premier League and Champions League but the players name/number font choices will be different.  On the home jersey the lettering is white in both instances except for Becker’s keeper jersey which will have his name and number in gold.  As we do not know if we will have the CL-edition jersey it is also unknown at this time if we will have the gold lettering.  Keep an eye on social and our email list as if the gold lettering is available we will happily add it to your jersey even though with the WU-patch it will not technically be in full CL spec.

Q: Will you get more of the black/gold keepers jersey?

A: Yes!  We have more due in early September so if you want to reserve one just send us a tweet or email and we’ll write down your name and reach out when they are back in stock.