Official Liverpool Supporters Club Spotlight: LFC New Haven

Official Liverpool Supports Club (OLSC) Spotlight: LFC New Haven

Name: Official Liverpool Supporters Club New Haven
Matchday Meeting Point: We are currently at Christy’s Irish Pub, but our official pub is The Trinity Bar and Restaurant (157 Orange Street, New Haven, Connecticut 06510)
Contact: Andrew Shetty (Member of the Board)
Twitter – @lfcnewhaven
Facebook – LFC New Haven
Instagram – @lfcnewhaven

What they’re about
“LFC supporters all around CT began meeting in New Haven at a pub Anna Liffey’s since the early 2000’s. We decided to organize and form a supporters group around 2012. We were able to gain some traction and were recognized by Liverpool FC as an OLSC in 2014. In 2014 we migrated to The Trinity Bar which became the official home of OLSC New Haven. After growing our presence/membership at Trinity for a few seasons they (The Trinity Bar) experienced a fire in September 2017 which forced them to close their doors to rebuild. While we continue to wait for Trinity to open, we’ve been watching matches at Christy’s Irish Pub. Halfway through this 18/19 season, we are at 70 paid members for our OLSC”.

Memorable Moments 
“Two of our member went to Rome for the CL semifinal away. One of them threw our LFC New Haven scarf at Dejan Lovren who held it up at full time in front of all the cameras.

When we played in the Champions League final in 17/18 against Real Madrid, we had filled Christys at capacity 30 minutes before kick-off and another bar that offered to take spill over hit capacity as well.

A group of nine OLSC New Haven members recently traveled to Anfield for the Manchester United match on 12/16/18 when the Reds won 3-1. It was an incredible atmosphere with the group all sitting together in The Kop. We went to the original supporters group before and after the match as well”.

Match day Breakfast
“At Trinity, the two most popular breakfast dishes are the Kitchen Sink and the chorizo and hash. Paired well with the best Guinness in town or a Bloody Mary made with Swamp Yankee mix by one of our founding members!”

Favorite Liverpool FC moment for the Club
“The most recent was the match against Arsenal where we watched at Christy’s which is an Arsenal pub. They scored the first goal in which we responded with five unanswered. We packed the place and all their supporters were silent”.


Interested in finding out more about LFC New Haven or want to attend a game with the OLSC? See below for their meeting spot address and give them a shout on social!

Christys Irish Bar
Address: 261 Orange St, New Haven, CT 06510

Twitter – @lfcnewhaven
Facebook – LFC New Haven
Instagram – @lfcnewhaven

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