So far, so good for the Reds.

The best start for Liverpool in 28 years. The Reds entered the international break last weekend top of the league with four wins from four, nine goals scored, and just the one conceded. There is no denying that Liverpool have been far from top form so far this season, but there are a lot of positives to take.

Following our last two games in the Premier League, and games won I must add, the team attracted a lot of criticism regarding quality and strength. I think this criticism is largely due to the ignorance towards the competition that we have faced. Yes, as mentioned, we did not play our best, but there are a lot of positives to take from beating two strong teams in the form of Brighton Hove Albion and Leicester City. Recent history has shown; we quite often drop points to these so called ‘lesser’ teams in the Premier League. Dare I say Crystal Palace in 13/14 when we were 3-0 up and drew 3-3. Did this cost us the league that season? Well, if not, it certainly carried a burden towards the end of the campaign.

So, if anything, I think to overcome the first four games with an unblemished record is enormously positive for us. We can see a lot of new and exciting traits that the lads have carried with them through the full 90 minutes of games. Aside from that one goal conceded, the less said the better, I think the Reds have kept their concentration, showed admirable determination (I have the urge to call out Robertson and Van Dijk here) and got dirty together to navigate through a tricky, sometimes scrappy, opening to their Premier League journey. We have conceded the least amount of goals in the Premier League, and scored a few at the other end. It may not be pretty, but were getting the job done.

Far from an easy return, Klopp and his men have a tasty September ahead. With Tottenham away up first, the Reds will then continue their domestic and European football with games against PSG, Southampton, two games against Chelsea, Napoli and Manchester City. Along with the new found traits I have mentioned, I think the importance of squad depth will show during this period. Klopp will have to balance our Premier League progress with European and League Cup fixtures. He’s boss though, I’m sure he’ll manage.

It is still very early in the season but, If Liverpool are serious about 18/19 success, then this next month will be pivotal. As I don’t want to prematurely throw a title race statement out there, I will say that I am extremely excited to see where we will stand after this month. We have displayed newfound skills that in past we have lacked, but there is still a lot more to come of this Liverpool squad. We will face three potential Premier League title contenders and two European powerhouses all in the space of five weeks. Seat belts on, here we go.



One thought on “SO FAR, SO GOOD FOR THE REDS

  1. Kristian

    I agree it’s good to see the grind-it-out wins against Brighton and Leicester, in years past we’ve either seen them firing on all cylinders, or dropping points late in games and very little inbetween. We’ve still yet to see the team we watched the second half of last year, and I’m sure we’ll have to wait quite a few weeks longer for that but I believe that a high flying win at Wembley tomorrow could mean a great month ahead of us.

    Where do you think Klopp will rotate? Do you think he will make no changes for the Premier League because they are unblemished and then work in Shaq, Sturridge, Fabinho and co. for Champions League and/or Cup games? Or other way around?

    I’m excited, this month could tell us a lot!


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