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What is the Anfield Box anyway? Find out here.

Welcome to January!  In addition to all of the transfer window craziness that is going on (hello Virgil) the team here at the shop is hard at work organizing and planning for 2018 in addition to finishing development of the 7th Anfield Box, a quarterly subscription box for Liverpool FC fans.

As passionate fans of LFC, this box is a dream come true.  We rely on subscribers, the club, licensees around the globe and more to get all of the elements to come together to form each box.  With no other company currently making a licensed subscription box for a Premier League team we certainly evolve and learn from previous boxes.  Our goal is to always keep pushing the contents and focus on providing the best user experience possible.  Being a Liverpool fan in North America is unique and we want the box to reflect that.

Back in November on the eve of Anfield Box 6, owner Alisha Weiss gave an interview with Facebook group USA Kop on what goes in to making this exclusive and limited edition product.  We’ve copied and pasted the transcript below.

Also – feel free to check out an independent review of the Anfield Box 6 from a site that reviews all sorts of subscription boxes called “My Subscription Addiction“.

Q: How did the idea of the Anfield Box come about?
A: It was an idea that sort of bounced around for a while but we didn’t really know what to do with it. We pitched it to the club since it was going to be an Official Product and they went for it. We thought it’d be pretty small and then it sold out our first run in something like 8 hours. No professional sports team – let alone a small shop in the States for an English soccer team – was doing a subscription box when we started. It was exciting and scary. Exciting because it was a blank slate and there wasn’t really a rulebook to follow but scary for the same reasons.

Q: How far in advance do you start working on it?
A: For each box it’s about 3-9 months in advance. Certain items can take up to a year to be planned for production so we have to sometimes take a risk on getting an item in work to make sure we can include it.

Q: What’s been your favorite item in the box so far?
A: That’s a tough one! Probably the sound module for “You’ll Never Walk Alone” on the most recent box. It was about a month to work on the publishing rights to include it which was not something we knew how to do. It originally was just a question I asked to myself – ‘how do you capture that buzz about the start of the season?’. I’ve read so many player biographies and they always talk about that sort of anticipation before a match and then you walk on the pitch and hear the song sung by tens of thousands. Opening the Anfield Box is kind of like that. You have no idea what’s inside so rather than get that visual surprise we wanted you to hear something. People posted their reactions on twitter and Instagram and just to see their pure joy was unbelievable. I just love making customers happy.

Q: How did Jamie Carragher get involved?
A: We received feedback from folks that they wanted a big ticket item. That’s what is so great about subscribers – they love talking about the box. So we had about a dozen ideas of things we could include but again it came down to thinking about what we value as fans – the legends and the family feel of the club. Jamie started a fantastic charity in Liverpool called the 23 Foundation which is run by two of the best people I’ve ever met and from there we just developed the idea of a personalized poster. Again – such an amazing response and hopefully something people value and appreciate since Jamie is an absolute legend.

Q: What is the hardest part about working on the box?
A: We make them too heavy! Postage costs are hard to control when we want to stuff as much into it as possible.

Q: What’s next for the November Anfield Box?
A: I can’t give away too much but this is by far the BIGGEST Anfield Box we’ve ever done. It’s a challenge to never repeat things since this could be a subscriber’s 6th box so we are stuffing it with more exclusives. Those are my favorite – being able to create something completely from scratch. We want to offer things that you can’t buy.

Q: Where can people find out more?
A: is the signup place and has some FAQ’s and photos of previous boxes. The next box ships mid-November and the cutoff was today but we’ll hold it for a couple more days if anyone else wants to sign up.

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