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5 Winter Essentials for any LFC Fan

Over the last seven years we’ve seen a lot of great Liverpool FC merchandise introduced and we tend to get asked what our favorite items are.  So we’ve compiled a list to help out those who are looking for a little shopping inspiration or who definitely want to give a great gift for the LFC fan in your life.

1. Premium Raschel Blanket.  There are blankets and then there are extremely soft blankets.  This is the latter.  We designed this blanket in-house as we wanted something that could fit in any room but also have the crest nice and large.  I’m currently wrapped up in it right now as I write this post.  It’s extremely large at 50″ x 60″ and perfect for home, camping and more.




2. Mohamed Salah Jersey: We’ve got the best player in the league and introduced a special edition of the jersey featuring arabic lettering that has been quite popular.  This year’s jersey has a special badge celebrating the 125th anniversary and is one of our favorite New Balance jerseys.




3. 125th Anniversary Box Set & Tie: We’re big fans of tie and cufflink box sets.  If you have to wear something more formal what’s better than in a classic red tie and paired cufflinks?  Like the above this item features the 125th Anniversary badge which makes it even more special.



4. Black inlaid license plate frame: Shameless plug: We designed this license plate frame and we love it.  A lot.  It’s on all of our cars and the black has a little bit of an understated look to it but the quality is top-notch and it’s one of our favorite items in the shop.



5. Calgary Beanie: ’47 makes incredible headwear products and this calgary beanie is no exception.  It’s so warm but doesn’t itch like less-quality beanies.  Perfect for the snowy days or even just bad hair days.