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I’m a US LFC fan and want to go to Anfield. How do I get tickets?

We get asked quite a bit about the best way to get tickets at Anfield.  Trying to get tickets is unlike anything you’ve encountered here in the US as there is no ticketmaster or secondary market (that is legal).  All Premier League clubs are strict on scalping as it is illegal in the UK.  We’ve heard horror stories of fans spending thousands of dollars on fake tickets only to end up watching the match at a bar in the city.  Depending on the match, tickets can be easily sourced and you can get some really great seats.  In an effort to provide as much detail as possible we’ve included the following FAQ guide to your first match at Anfield.

Option 1: Join your local OLSC (official liverpool supporters club).  Find the closest city to you and then sign up as you can get access to their ticket allocation.  That is by far the easiest way.  I think membership at most is <$25/year.  Most have websites/facebook and are active on social media as well.  Unsure as to which is the closest to you?  Here is the list of all OLSC’s.  OLSC’s are given ticket allocations twice a year – in August and then in December.  So make sure to sign up and make sure that you are on the email list to ensure you get your request in.  Tickets are not guaranteed although the club does set aside tickets directly for OLSC members.

Option 2: Hospitality packages.  There are two main types of hospitality packages – one that includes lodging and those without.  If you need a place to stay in Liverpool you can get a whole package of a hotel and tickets through Thomas Cook (kind of like a Holiday Inn). .  Thomas Cook has partnered with LFC and offers match deals with almost every game.  The  other hospitality packages include a meal or experience and can be found here:  They can go up in pricing depending on the ‘package’.  We’ve done the Reds Bar one which the seats were phenomenal and we didn’t want any perks or meals so it was nice.

Option 3: Quest Travel has started doing dedicated inclusive trips to Liverpool that includes really great meet and greets with former players.  Check out their site here to see what they are planning for 2016/17.

Option 4: Official membership.  The club offers a couple different membership options that give you access to tickets.  The full membership will get you access to tickets – the international membership will not.  Ticket allocation is a bit tricky and is done via a lottery and loyalty built on attendance at previous matches so we’ve never been successful getting tickets this way.  But it is an option.

The key things to remember when heading to your first match at Anfield.  This is SUPER IMPORTANT:

1. Match dates can change.  This is a hard lesson as most people know that short of major storms or snow – here in the US, the game will go on.  In the UK – games can move around up until about a month before the game is played.  We’ve heard from many fans who had to miss out when the game they had tickets for was moved to months away or a couple days later when they were due to fly home.  So while it is definitely good to plan ahead – realize that you might have to be a bit flexible and the airlines won’t really be helpful if you need to change tickets as a result.

2. Don’t buy tickets from any of the other ways above.  There are no legitimate professional reseller places in the UK.

3. When you get inside and it’s time to start the match, put your camera down and hold up your scarf and sing You’ll Never Walk Alone as loud as you can.  It’s one of the most incredible things we’ve ever seen.  Goosebumps every time.

4. Certain matches are easier to attend than others.  If we wanted to go see the Merseyside Derby, even with all of our contacts with the shop, we still would not have a great likelihood of getting a ticket.  So choose accordingly.  We’ve seen West Ham at Anfield quite a few times and been completely happy nonetheless.

5. PLAN AHEAD – You might get lucky if you decide a couple weeks or a month away to head to Merseyside but you can save yourself a lot of stress and anxiety by looking at the fixture list and picking what would be a good time.  But as mentioned above the calendar can change if there’s an FA Cup or League Cup match that pushes a PL game back.

Any other questions, let us know.