These Are The International Breaks

Liverpool FC was ready to take the momentum from last month’s 3-0 victory over Tottenham, but a week of International duty has LFC fans moaning what happened this past week. I know it was for Euro 2016 qualifiers and to represent England is a great honor, so it is not something that is going away. As much as I was loving International football over the summer with World Cup, this past week reminded me of why I loathe the International break.

The Good…

Danny Welbeck was grateful to be on the field with Raheem Sterling and Rickie Lambert, as opposed to the times he’s lined up against them for Arsenal. England over Switzerland in Basel 2-0. Sterling was brilliant. He threatened to score twice and had a sweet assist from the left to the Gunners’ Danny Welbeck in the 58th. Lambert was brought on for Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney in the 90th and displayed great vision by finding Welbeck in stoppage time with a clever through ball.

The Bad…

Some might be thinking that Roy Hodgson may still be holding some kind of grudge after losing the post at Anfield after two of our key players got injured under his watch. (I know it is not entirely Hodgson’s fault, but let me rant here… haha.) When reports of Henderson Jordon receiving a knock and limping off with an ankle injury on Sunday hit the wire, Liverpool fans already dealing with Daniel Sturridge’s injury last week were asking, “What next?” That was all before Hendo featured a full 90 in his England duties. So it wasn’t completely bad.

The Ugly

The injury that Sturridge received last Friday in training will keep him out for up to three weeks. Certainly missing this weekend’s match versus Aston Villa, Liverpool’s return to the Champion’s League next week, Sturridge is now in a race to get his hamstring fit in time for the derby versus Everton. Ugly indeed.

Do you think Liverpool will be able to handle the next few weeks without Sturridge? Pressure is almost certainly on Mario Balotelli to help with the goals tally over the next few weeks. Let us know at the Anfield Shop via Social Media by tagging us at @AnfieldShop & @AnfieldShopBlog plus use the hashtag #AnfieldShop

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