Liverpool Luis Garcia Champions League

Liverpool ECL Return: Roller Coaster Start

Liverpool Luis Garcia Champions League

“Five years is a long time, probably too long,” Brendan Rodgers said at Monday’s pre-match press conference.

After an extremely disappointing loss to Aston Villa at Anfield over the weekend, this week was the long awaited return for Liverpool to the European Champions League. Five years have passed since the midweek felt this good for a Liverpool fan.

“We want to be at the elite level and the Champions League is that,” said Rodgers

Hopping onto Twitter on Tuesday, former Liverpool player Luis Garcia summed up most Liverpool fan’s emotions from morning until match end on Tuesday in three consecutive tweets.

“Morning everybody. Champions League is Back at Anfield!”
Tuesday Liverpool’s long awaited return to the European Champions League was a roller coaster of emotions as Ludogorets proved quite a difficult puzzle for Brendan Rodgers to solve. Here you had five time champions of Europe at home at Anfield, going deep into the second half before scoring the first goal.

“#Sangriasong at Anfield… The goals are coming!!!”
The game seemed to be destined for a draw or heartbreaking 1-0 match when Mario Balotelli opened his account for LFC with his first goal on the Kop end. Like in every movie, you never take your finger off the trigger when standing over an adversary. Liverpool’s joy was silenced when Ludogorets equalized when Abalo was able to take advantage of Simon Mignolet off his line.

“Get in theeeeere!!!!! Those are captain Fantastic moments.
Thankfully you cannot stop fate, as a last minute mistake by Ludogorets keeper Milan Borjan’s stoppage time foul on Javier Manquillo drew the penalty needed for Gerrard to slot home his 40th European goal matters at the end of the match… results. After the match, Gerrard reached out to the fans and Balotelli on his Instagram account with these match and candid photos congratulating Balotelli on his first LFC goal.

Steven Gerrard Instagram Liverpool LFC Ludogorets Champions League

Steven Gerrard Instagram Liverpool LFC Ludogorets Champions League Mario Balotelli

From Luis Garcia to Steven Gerrard, engaging on social media is an awesome way to follow your favorite Liverpool players and fans. Even catch a glimpse of candid images we would never normally see. We are celebrating the result, but the ECL tournament continues. If LFC played like this against Ludogorets, how do you think there chances are against Real Madrid when they face each other? Especially after Real Madrid just dropped 5-1 against Basel. Liverpool has a lot of work to do. But as we all know… this match is over, time to move forward. #WeGoAgain What do you think LFC’s chances are of getting out of their group? Let us know at the Anfield Shop via Social Media by tagging us at @AnfieldShop & @AnfieldShopBlog plus use the hashtag #AnfieldShop

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