Biggest Match in 24 Years?

Biggest Match in 24 Years?
by Randy Villarba

Five more games left in the season and in four days time either Liverpool or Manchester City will hold the keys to their own destiny. We all know what is at stake this Sunday. All the papers are salivating for Sunday’s match. Most pundits are calling this match against City the ‘Biggest Match in 24 Years.” As much as I would like to agree with that statement, that Champions League match in Istanbul seemed like a really big match too. However, all of us Liverpool supporters are aware that a win Sunday, will keep the driver’s wheel in our hands.

Exciting… in’nit? Especially when you hear quotes from our captain like this:

“If you say to me now, ‘Beat Man City and you will win the title’, I think the answer would be ‘Yes.’ But all it will give us is three more points and that is what we plan to do,” Steven Gerrard said. “There will be four huge games after that. I’m not convinced just yet — we’ve got a very hard game next week. I think the message is to stay calm.”

Liverpool have not lifted the league title in 24 years. It was 1990. Some of the younger supporters at the pub were not even alive back then. I want to take Gerrard’s words to heart, but how can you stay calm? We are five matches away from the end of the season, and we are not in a race for 4th. We are going for the title ladies and gentlemen. Strap in, hang tough, hold tight… this Sunday will set the tone for the remainder of the 2013-2014 EPL season. I have hope in my heart. I know you all do too. Is our golden sky and sweet silver song of a lark at the end of a 24 year storm? We will have a better forecast discussion after Sunday.


Randy Villarba

Who is this is? My name is Randy Villarba, I am a writer and the local wordsmith for The Anfield Shop here in San Diego, CA. I wasn’t born a Scouser, I was baptized one later in life. From the west side of the USA, I follow our football club on the west side of the UK with passion. When I lived in England, I lived in the shadow of Highbury. We lived in North London and my home stay mom was from Liverpool. Her daughter was dating an Arsenal hooligan. The passion within that household ran the passion of football and Liverpool FC straight into my veins.

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