We are collecting scarves for the “Celebration of the 96” memorial

Liverpool FC has requested fans all over the world donate scarves for the “Celebration of the 96” event.  In an effort to simplify the process for US fans we are collecting scarves  to send over to Liverpool FC and the Hillsborough Family Support Group (HFSG) in one big shipment.   To learn more about Liverpool FC’s request for scarves click here.

You can donate a scarf of your choice (LFC, club, college, team, MLS, etc) to:
Anfield Shop
3412 Sterne St
San Diego, CA 92106

We are extremely honored to be able to serve as a collection point for USA fans and look forward to sending a nice diverse selection of scarves.  We need all scarves received in the shop no later than March 26th.  Choosing US First class or Priority mail within the next couple days will ensure your scarf arrives in time to be part of the big send-off.

All the best,
The Anfield Shop Team

3 thoughts on “We are collecting scarves for the “Celebration of the 96” memorial

  1. Grace Felisilda

    Hi! I would like to know if it is possible for me to purchase a scarf from the Anfield Store to donate to the 96 memorial. Thanks!

    1. anfield Post author

      Hi Grace – yes it is. Buy a scarf from the shop as normal but put in a gift message: “please donate to the 96” and we’ll take care of it 🙂 Thanks!


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