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Is Carra the Next American Idol?

Liverpool Football Club and American Idol.  Not something that I would have ever thought would cross paths, but tonight they did.  One of the contestants is from Liverpool and the club (led by Jamie Carragher) gave her a shout-out.  It was quite cool!

I think this might be the time at Liverpool ‘breaks’ into the States and people start discovering the amazingness that is this club.  Between the above and the upcoming summer tour, a lot more people are going to know Liverpool FC from now on.

Hope everyone is as excited as I am for the 2012 FA Cup Final.  Very surprising to see Chelsea FC dispatch Barca today.  I guess this means that Kenny and Co are going to have to bring their “A” game to Wembley.

Anfield South: Feels so Nice We’re Going Thrice!

Another early morning for us US Reds fans, and yet the results made it completely worth it!

Congrats to Luis Suarez and Andy Carroll who made it an afternoon to remember for all those at Wembley.  Based on today’s results from the Chelsea/Tottenham match it looks like we’ll be facing the Blues in the 2012 FA Cup Final.

I am so amazingly excited for this match, and yet terrified…as the last time we met them it wasn’t the greatest result.  Plus, add that former Reds Raul Mereiles and Fernando Torres now play for the other side might make it that little bit tougher.

We finished up our 20% sale this week and hope everyone was able to take advantage of the savings.  We’ve got some great items in work in the next couple months and we’re excited to announce it when we can.  We’ll be rolling out some new embroidered ball caps in the next couple weeks as well and they look fantastic.

Have a great week, Reds Nation!


Is Everyone Still Breathing? Liverpool FC 3 – Blackburn 2

If you were lucky enough to catch the Blackburn match, you saw a game with some of the most incredible highs and lows of Liverpool Football that I’ve ever seen.  Starting the match without our beloved Pepe Reina between the sticks I, like a lot of folks, were excited to see what Doni could do.  Going up 2 goals in the first 20 minutes had me buzzing.  Finally, I thought, the team was going to turn a corner and finish the season strong.  Then, it happened.

Another. red. card.  A silly challenge and Doni was sent packing.  On came Australian Brad Jones.  Not only that, but he was forced to try and save a penalty in his first minute on the pitch as a Liverpool FC goalie in the Premier League.  Then, he saved it.  Bliss!  But we were down to only 10 men, and a lot of the match yet to play.

Blackburn pulled two back…it looked like we might be able to hang on for a draw, but I guess nobody told Andy Carroll that.  A stunning header and we nicked the three points.  Liverpool FC 3 – Blackburn 2.

Onto Anfield South.  And Everton.  Do we have the momentum needed to make it to the Final?  Could this season, with it’s incredible ups and downs finish with a Cup Double?  Maybe.  Some call us dreamers.  But that’s what makes us Liverpool FC fans 🙂

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With the latest string of results, this is the part of the season that we call ‘the bootstraps’.  Where we as Liverpool FC fans can do nothing more than to stay positive and hope that things turn around.  We pick ourselves up by our bootstraps and remember that YNWA is more than a slogan and that we support the team in thick and thin.

Until next time,