Liverpool FC items for your Car? Drive in Reds Style!

Hi everyone,

Well, January is here, and the weather in San Diego has been wonderful!  I took a drive and noticed so many people out in their convertibles…and that made me think…have you noticed all of the car items that the Anfield Shop has for sale?  They are listed in the “accessories” area.  I bet you never thought about how many different ways your car can show your support for Liverpool Football!!!

First, you can’t be a true LFC fan without some fuzzy dice or mini boxing gloves hanging from your mirror!  How about an Official Liverpool FC Gold Liverbird Window Sticker for your window – there are also 3 other stickers for you to choose from.  Let everyone know that you’re the ultimate LFC supporter!  The shop also has a blank Official Liverpool keys for you to take and have a key made…you’ll never lose your keys with that special key!  How about a mini car kit, which is great to hang in your car to show your team. Buy as an add on gift or just as a present for yourself! Turn your car into its own mobile Liverpool fan!  For extra freshness, there is an air freshener, and also an official mini scarf.  Who knew that you could add so many official LFC items to you car!  These are all great items to keep for yourself, or give as gifts for the LFC fan that has everything!

Did you know that the Anfield shop has 12 different key rings?  Everything from an Official Liverpool Kop Keyring, to an Official Liverpool FC Liverbird Keyring Spinner to a combination bottle opener/keyring.  These key rings range in price from $5 to $12 – again, a perfect gift for yourself, or an inexpensive gift for a friend.  Everyone needs a keyring!!!

I hope that your New Year is going well, and that you are enjoying reading these blogs.  I’d enjoy hearing feedback on what you’d like to read about in these blogs, and am always open to suggestions.  Until next time.



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