Official Liverpool FC Products You Might Not Know About!

Hi everyone,

As the New Year approaches, we are surrounded by lists.   The top songs of 2011, top news stories and so on.  Many of us write New Year Resolutions, to exercise more, eat better or simply to watch more Liverpool football!  I’ve decided to make a list of the Top 10 items that I bet many of you didn’t even know the Anfield shop carried.  These items are for your car, great for a party, or just something to add to your LFC collection!  After reading the list, you’ll wonder how you lived without some of these items!!!   Here it goes:

  1. Liverpool FC Fluffy dice – who doesn’t want fuzzy dice hanging from their rear-view mirror?  Start 2012 looking good!
  2. Robbie Fowler Autobiography – have a resolution to read more books?  This is the perfect book for you!
  3. Liverpool FC Bath Fizzie – For those who make a resolution to relax more, these bath fizzes are just the thing!
  4. Liverpool FC Wrist/sweat bands – Ready to work out?  These sweat bands will help you not only look good, but help with your workout!
  5. Liverpool FC 2011/12 season bear – Perfect for the collector.  Additional items of clothing are also available.
  6. Liverpool FC Playing cards – Maybe you’ve decided to have more fun on your weekends….playing cards are the way to go!
  7. Liverpool FC Pendent light shade – Decided to update your house?  Start with this light shade…you can’t go wrong!
  8. Liverpool FC Lunch box – If you’ve decided to eat better, start making your lunch, and go in style with a LFC lunch box!
  9. Liverpool FC Ball pump (air) – how many times have you wanted to go kick the soccer ball around, only to find it out of air?  No more – this pump solves that problem!
  10. Youth Goalkeeper Gloves – Practice how you play!  Enough said!

Remember, all of these items are official, licensed Liverpool Football Club items.  Just think what a great start to the New Year you’ll have if you incorporate some of these items in your life – 2012 will prove to be an awesome year!

My very best wishes to all of you for the New Year.



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