Weekly deal is here again!

Id like to ask you a question, what can $5 USD buy you these days? A small coffee? A few drips of gasoline for your car? Instead of wasting money on trivial things that will be gone before you know it, AnfieldShop.com has a $5 deal that is way more worthwhile.


Ever been to Anfield and want to commemorate the occasion on your refrigerator? Live far away and just want to pretend you are sitting at the Kop end singing “You’ll never walk alone?” AnfieldShop.com has got your back. For only 5 measley United States Dollars we will send you an awesome piece of Liverpool FC gear that is perfect for anyone, for any occasion as well.

Have shipping concerns? Don’t worry we gotcha covered. We ship anywhere that’s worth shipping to!

Supplies are limited, get yours now!

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