Season Prediction Time!

Time to put on your fortune telling hat, and predict Liverpool’s FC future for the 2011-2012 season.

I think that with the very recent signing of Enrique, it starts to solidfy the back line somewhat, and if we can bring in a quality CB or Striker, a top four finish looks all the more likely.

So, how do you think the season will pan out for King Kenny’s men? Ill go first.

Final table position: 4th secured in the last couple of weeks of the season having LFC fans biting their nails down to their wrists. Champions League here we come

Leading Liverpool Goal scorer: Andy Carroll. I think he will stay fit enough during the season to bang in 16-20 goals. Having Suarez and Downing draw attention from defenses won’t hurt his chances either.

Breakout Liverpool Player?: John Flannagan. His tenacity even in his young years will ensure he is on the path to becoming a Kop legend.

Biggest Liverpool Disappointment? Steven Gerrard. I only say this because I fear that groin problems may sideline him for more than we would wish. Viva captain fantastic!

Who wins the league? Sadly, I think a team from Manchester will, and whichever one doesn’t, surely finishes 2nd.

Who gets relegated? I think Blackburn, Wigan, and Swansea are all getting the pink slip back down to the championship

Overall Liverpool outlook? I think anything less than a 4th place position in the league would be a disappointment. Although if we are unfortunate to miss out on Champions league play, we must add to our silverware collection, as it is getting dusty since 2006. Even if it is the Oscar Meyer cup 🙂

What do you think? Am I crazy? Am I spot on? Give me your predictions whatever in the comments!


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